Thursday, May 5, 2011

HaPPy MommY's Day

If i could give u diamonds

For each tears u cried for me

If i could find u sapphires

For each truth u've helped me see

If i could give u rubies

For the heartache that u've known

If i could give u pearls

For the wisdom that u've shown

Then, u'll have a treasure, Mak,

That would mount up to the skies

That would almost match

The sparkle in your kind and loving eyes

But i have no pearls, no diamonds

As im sure u're well aware

So i'll give you gifts more precious

My devotion, love and !!!

Thank You Mak,

for everythings, everythings

Happy Mother's Day, Mak!!

Happy Mother's Day, Mama!!

Happy Mother's Day Kak Chik!!

Happy Mothers Day dearest aunties, cousins,

Happy Mother's Day to all my frens-

Endang, Zura, Sara, Kak Ayu, Baizura, Sally, Aleeya,....and the list go on.


sara ahmad said...

thanks mimi!! :))

Drama Mama said...

happy momma's day to u too...better late than never aite. haha

~ShaFeRLicioUS~ said...

love u both muchie muchos babes!!

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