Monday, May 9, 2011

Die DRooLinG~

MJ Classic Q Hillier Hobo

They want it in Black, White, Brown, Royal Blue bla, bla; ikut suka lah..but all i want is in Marigold!!

Tapiiii....tak mampu dah weiii, wif two kids, dah sangapp!! Hahahah...

(This is when i give one kind look at my hsbd and he goes..Shaferrihaiza, Shaferrihaiza, apa lagiiii?? and in return, i gelak guling2...well he kno..wat that look means..hurmmm, why tak penah ada sapa pun pangge i wif full name? kannnnn?? hahahah)

1 comment:

蓝双子 said...

Do u know how much is this bag ?

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