Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This Love Has Taken Its Toll On Me~~

My fab whiteBB

April's GLAM buat i rasa ralat melarat. When Wirda decided to step down from the Glam Empire",....i questioned myself..What about me?? What about my leftover blog??

Hello peeps, pembaca setia kesayangan ii, my dear followers, my all. Harap2 semuanya sihat, bahagia, gembira, saling jatuh cinta dan didoakan yg baik2 hendaknya.

Its been a while...........not spending time, staring lappie screen, tapping the keyboard and post somthing on this very blog. Hurmmmm....i've been sooo busy..since...back to work..and the kids get to school.

For those who crossfingers n tot that im leaving this blog arena...i just want to smile n say "Noooo, darling...," cause this is the only place i can be myself, write watever i want and be me. Its just..the matter of time...limited, and no spacing.

Sooo...to make u miss me even more..thats all for now. i'll backdated my post soon. Stay tune! (;

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