Saturday, March 12, 2011

HadiaH HaRiJaDi

Family Outing
Gurney Plaza,
A&W Restaurant
12 March 2011, Saturday

Look at me! Im the Birthday Boy!!

Kamu, kamu....

His Fav curly fries, yummeh!

The dish

Mommy enjoyed this Nachos so much..sedappp!!

Birthday Pressie

Guess Kids from Daddy
Carliff love Daddy soo much!!

GUESS Kids also from Daddy
TQ very much Daddy!

GUESS Kids from Acu!! TQ Acu!!
Every year Acu never miss Carliff's birthday
sure bagi happy!

SEED shirt from Achik, TQ Achik!!
All the way from Putrajaya nii

Nike Shoes-from Daddy jugak!!
(He choose himself this red one)

Nakkk jugakkk buat peace kat shoess
Super cute!!

8c size, sudah gemok kaki itu!

Even this is not birthday Carlissa,
tapi dia dapat juga..she's baby maa..
and baby shud always get newbies
to start the collections..
and givin her Mommy just another reason spend! hehe

GUESS Kids with 50% discount
Yipee yeayy yeayy yeayy

Comel2 dress ni

Wait, wait, wait, sumanya Daddy beli,
mana birthday pressie from Mommy ni?
Hurmmm, hahaha, Mommy dah cari merata2..
but still xjumpa2..
later when we go to KL, i get u somthing kayy? Besooo punyaa!

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