Friday, February 25, 2011

R.I.P Luna.. :(

Meet Luna- the fighting fish

Luna in action

Carliff had two pet-fight fish. One is Luna n another is Maya. When they fight there goes Luna Maya!! ngee..but unfortunately, Luna is found dead with no specific reason this very morning (25th February 2011). Carliff is soo sad but we tipu2 him telling that the dead fish is sleeping..hmmm..both of us were sad too. RIP Luna. We enjoyed to have u as part of the least u leave us on Friday. (hmmm..ikan mati pon aku emo :(

Update : Carliff dah ok, tp haritu i dgr dia ckap ngan Maya..
"Tuna (Luna) atii dahh, abiss dahh.."
hmm, i pon sedih lah sekian kalinya lagi..ngee..

Luna's home

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