Thursday, January 6, 2011

PeAce Rite NoW!

How R U doin BiG Brother??
IM Doin Just OK!!

Outing with Achik

Mak Tok and Achik came to pick him back to kampung exactly on my week 38.
Here are the series of pictures Achik sent me via MMS
just to let me know that he's doin pretty well.

Hmm..wat do no one know-without him,
i cried my self to sleepevery single day and nite!
I miss kissing him g.morning & nite..
I miss carry him in the morning just to let him
wave to Air Asia Billboard,to air planes,
flying birdies from our ccridor..
I miss carry him at nite to peek colorful lights of
Penang Pesta ferris wheel from our windows..
I miss fighting with him over lunch n dinner,
Miss his ngada2 attitude..
I MISS EVRYTHING bout him lah!!!

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