Tuesday, December 21, 2010

FaLsE ALaRm!

Saya - been rushed to Pearl Maternity on the 19th December 2010, Sunday at 10.30pm
with due to 10-15 mins contractions + minor bleeding + 2cm floating stages.

Unfortunately, as the pain stop after 8hrs and the opening is yet to progress, i've been discharged out on the next day- Monday, 2oth Dec at 10.30am.

(Alaa, ingatkan dah bleh dodoikan baby C dah malam tu..
Daddy dah siap nak nyanyi lagu happy birthday tau!)

But Dr Rosita had warned me to be extra careful as it might be anytime from now-that i shud go back and land myself in labour room.

So, im now on MC till special delivery. But when is when sayangg??

Tapi serious boring la duduk rumah, yg nombo satu dah blik kampong, i think if im still hangin like this till Friday, im goin back to work on Monday laaa...ok tak?? kot2 bila bz buat keja, jalan2 turun naik ofis 4 tgkat tu, cepat skit kott..kann??

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