Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ladies, COACH is coming to GEoRgetown!!

I feel so bless that despite my 'stay home-go work-sleep-eat' condition, i've been surrounded by lovely people-fashion informer that wud texts me, call me, and updates me bout wats is happening around-specially up n down of YES in Penang..
One thing that really ring the bell is-

COACH BOUTIQUE is opening in Georgetown!!!!

Yeap, the first ever designer label that would hit Penang!
It would be at the 1 Avenue-new, latest fashion mall in town
and the boutique is so far still under renovation and targeted to be launch asa
New Year!!! (betul ke??) Wohuuu..

Ok, ok, i know, i wont be around during that time, thanks to u for boo-ing me (heyyy, i'll make a come back wif mini me, ok!!!) but im sooooo happy and glad enuf to share this info with all Coach freaks out there!! I wish u all Happy Spending and have a fashionable life style in Penang!


Drama Mama said...

wah syioknya! boleh lah pegi drool kat coach butik lepaih nih! nak beli dah takdak duit! haha. u happen to know if there's any Tiffany & Co shop in Penang?

~ShaFeRLicioUS~ said...

kalau betol laa...syiok abiss kann..
i hope its true la sbb my fren ckap dah bt renovation-bt im still xsempat gi jenguk..n my hsband plak sibuk study leave so..i xleh antar ejen pegi siasat..ngeh!

oh t & C so far xdengar crita..ada ke?..aiceh, mcm best eh berangan berangan breakfast at tffany..woish!!

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