Sunday, November 28, 2010

RapunzeL upDATEd

Manage to fulfilled my wish on Saturday-27 Nov 2010
to meet Rapunzel, Flynn and the gangs..
Our show at 4pm-GSC, Qbay Mall (mana lagi kannn?)

They are soooo sweet together

Maximus the horse that love apples :))

Pascal -Rapunzel BFF
super Cute, adorable, loyal
i sukaaaaa when he change colors!

Wakaka..cute sgt si Pascal niii!
and Flynn Rider ehem,,

Flynn - funny, handsome and charming!!

My fav la la land (berangan)

TQ Carliff n Daddy-wat a wonderful day we hve..
This show may be our last movie date together as three..
pasni we hve to train lil baby C plak..
so that she can well behave just like u..
And u guys kena cepat2 gi tgok crita ni -Mesti tonton tawww!!

(all pixxies above Google-d)

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