Friday, November 26, 2010

GooD foR moMMy & Baby

TQ Rima :) for the email u sent me. Hmm..well, to answer you, during my first prgnancy, im taking Pramilet all wayyy round..memang slalu pening..but towards the end..ok, i survived jugak. And for this time, i amik New Obimin and Obimin Pluz..and somthing for sure, not to forget, a dose of Vitamin C every single days.

Im taking this during my first trimester. New Obimin.

U can get this at RM49/RM45 per box. I started taking this during my second trimester till end of prgnancy (4 mos n above). Bagos n highly recommended sbb selain dri mngandungi segala keperluan yg diperlukan oleh both mom's n baby, OP also contains EPA & DHA (Omega 3- yg terdapat dlm ikan air sejuk dan bagos untuk prkembangan otak baby)

For more info ; Read Here!

My daily dose- Cebion Vitamin C
RM 30-per box

For my tummy skin plak, i used Ezerra Cream untk mghilangkan rasa only RM 24/25g, seriously, this wonder cream works like magic!! i've been intoduce to this cream by my gynae during my first pregnancy..and when i noticed that im having my second one, i wait no longer to grab this asap.

However my dear, for better result, i suggested u to get a pail of 500gm Aqua Cream-which i get from Pantai Hospital to used it during day time. Trust me, i only had a line of stretch marks this time around compared to few 'land line' masa pregnant-kan Carliff dulu.

Have a safe prgnancy u gurl! ;)

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