Sunday, August 1, 2010

now u SEE, now u DONT!

When i get pregnant, weight hve always been an issue. While others are been advised by doctor to eat less (withdue to rapid increase in weight) its another way around for me..whre doc keep telling to eat more, eat enuf for two! :P

Well, well, looking back at my previous record, when having Carliff, i only gained extra 7 kilos.

46 kg for the first three months
48.5 kg - four months
48 kg - five months
50 kg for the six and seven months
50.5 kg - eight months
52 kg - nine months

and the same thing happen now..

46.5 kg for the first three months
49 kg - four months

If u think i'm that thin and tiny winy before pregnant..hmm well, think not! Before the news hit me (i learned that i'm expecting) i'm wayyyyyyy quite fat (fat kerr??). Originally, ordinary me is happily 50kg! :) (an ideal BMI actually).

Hmmm..its not that pregnant - make me afraid to be fat..(yeah, kdg2 rasa takut jugak gemok..every women pon do hate being fat kan??) and its not that im so extremely watching my diet, Nooooooooo!! ( i makan je apa i rasa nak makan, n even enjoyed it so much!). Its just this 'cheezy picky food mood' is still here with me. No matter how nice the food looks, beautifully served..if i cant take it, means i really cant. Yeah, the smell somtime potong stim jugak..kdg2 nampak mcm dah sedap sgt, tapi bila bau jerr...a big No No lah!

To tell u the truth, thre's a day during this pregnancy period-i xmakan nasi langsung..kdg2 even for 2,3 days..and i only survived with milk, biscuits, fruits and some other merepek junk food. But of course, bila dah rasa nak brjalan pon xlarat, letih, i will forced myself to tke somthing else like k.teow, spaghetti, bihun..n bla bla just to install back the energy.

But somthing good bout 'not gaining much' during pregnancy worries bout getting new dress to work and leisure..cause so far, i can still fit my M size pants, M size shirt, jeans and few of my baju kurung..(actually i penah try pakai kebaya jugak, tpi terkantoii sbb dah buncit sket, hahahha)..But of course la later when i hit 5, 6 months i need to change to it to pregger pants, old big fat baju kurung that Mak make me (to wear when i get prgnant) just to ensure that ma baby get enuf space to breath (like my boss said, hahah.), move happily and growth healthy.

Tapi kann, satu tabiat yg i xleh buang bila2 masa pon kan,-pegi shopping..fat or no fat baju baru wajib beli tiap2 bulan..and to celebrate this second time pgnancy, i do get myself few cute dress n blouse..(so xde la org tgok everytime prgnant asyik rotate dress/blouse/shirt yg sama jerr..xbosan ker??), tambahan lagi ngandung kali ni ntah kenapa i beria-ria betul bersiap hari2..make up mcm nak pegi party :P

Soooooo..guys, if u are expecting to see me in a "so called maternity dress" my officemates used to asked for it (almost everyday)- "bila nak pakai uniform ni?" or "tak tukar uniform lagi?", my advised to you is 'sabar and tunggu lah' sbb masa ngandungkan Carliff dulu pon bila dah 8, 9 bulan baru i kalut pegi beli..heheh..(dan skrg baju2 tu masih trsimpan rapi di dlam almari, atass skali..hii, i sbnarnya xsuka sgt maternity dress tau-wont u feel like it mke u look old, baggy n ugly?) all prggy mommy out thre, lets take a good care of ourslves n dear babies okeh?!
Im very happy to share this sweet momment together wif my prgger frens - ZOORA, KAK AYU, SARA, KAK ZAHIDA, MISHA, KAK IJA and the latest KAK AYA. Nampaknya musim mengawan telah tiba, dan dari mnjadi bunga semua dah berbuah yaa...hahaha!!

I just lov to strike a pose at this wall of fame of mine..
heheh, anyway, do i look like 4.5 months pregger to uu??
I can still fit my M size tunic, and 27/28 size jeans
(battling eyelashes ;)


hoodedlicious said...

Yes girl..u look thinner than b4 la..makan banyak skit..nanti lapar plak baby..

~ShaFeRLicioUS~ said...

i xlalu, xde selera makan lah dear..dats why..but hopefully, soon, im geting better..tq for ur love n care! ;)

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