Saturday, July 3, 2010

NoT ONE but FOUR!!! Crazy or what??

"Gila ke haperrr?!!" is how i react at the last mins of the game between Diego Maradona and Joachim Low team.

I really cant believe my eyes. I still cant accept that fact that they lost for not one but four goals (damn it!!!) n all the best players..Messi-the one-world best-been sent home by youngsters.

Lastnite i've been left home with Carliff, hsband went to Annual Dinner at far far away land. But yeah, still im able to layan the game sorang2..shout sorang2 (sampai Carliff tgok i semacam, agaknya apa la dia fikir bout me-wat's wrong wif my mummy?..hahah).

So..min 3, Germant had a free kick after Podolski (kann?) is floored wide on the left then out of the blues (sbb game baru nak mula, and i xbetul2 focus sgt, baru jer layan kacau milo dlm mug) Muller scored one! (smses starts coming in-sumanya dah mnyumpah, n i tot erghhh, may be its a beginning)Tapi...bila dah second half dan Argentina kena kaw2 lagi 3 goal..i dah xleh nak terima kenyataan lagi dah..(specially the last goal-pada minit ke 89 tuh!! hiiiiiii geram!!)

OK, dengan emotional-nya, terima lah kenyataan bahawa, i takkan support any team that dare to kick my Brasil n Argentina home..soo i say NO to Germany n Holland..and big YESS to Spain!!-(sure la Nadal kan Spain, bleh alasan tu?? Hahah)

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