Friday, July 2, 2010

I'M LoVin it!!

I know, i know..while all are focusing on the match between BRAZIL & NETHERLANDS (so do i), i keep on bz buzzing my frens bout Wimbledon Championships..where my fav, my love RAFA will defeat Murray in Gentlemen's Singles-Semifinals on the same nite..which i cannot wait!!


So of course i had a bz nite as this WOrld Cup (WC) quaterfinals between Orange n Green Yellow teams adalah "edisi gila WAJIB tonton"!! And yeah, as we (during our hot morning discussion at the office) thoughts that Brazil could easily win this game over Holland, cause they has proved it 5 times before holding the WC tittle and both central defenders; Lucio and Juan are superb, but it doesnt happen at all. The early goal in the first 10' was a sign of their downfall in the 2010 FIFA WC..which left them home; one over two goals.

But all in all, i just love the dramas n enjoyed the game very much specially when Melo was shown a red card for a blatant, frustrated and angry stamp on Robben (wohh, Brazil sgt ganas!! asyik nak gaduh jer..) Anyway, so long Dunga..and Good Luck to the Dutches"..i deadly deeply cant wait to shout over Argentina soon..this is most important game for me!!!!


Ok, i know there will be no hope for me to focus on Nadal as the world biggest event is happening at the same time, same nite..but i still consider myself lucky cause Nadal only enter the court during the first half break giving me chance to at least wish him LUCK, hahah..(and right after that curik2 remote change the channel just to check on how he was doing)

But in the end, just like i want it to be happen, Nadal earned himself a slot in this year's Wimbledon finals, his fourth in as many years as he wins in straight sets 6-4, 7-6 (6), 6-4. Hoooorayyyyy!!!!

Sooo..Dont forget to check on the finals this Sunday tau, Nadal will face against Berdych, n even that's B" first time finals..still i had a nervous breakdown in me..heheh.


Shopaholic Mama said...

tennis players perempuan tak minat ke?

for soccer, after Japan crashed, now I am rooting for Germany or Spain!

~ShaFeRLicioUS~ said...

ladies player..i xbrapa suka la serena n all..mcm boring n tired with her dramas..

yess, plis, go for Spain !! heheh!

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