Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2nd Pregnancy : My FIRsT TrimesteR

Well, well...there are many sweet joys that i had when i first find out that i am pregnant, again!! The feeling of expectation and excitement of course, as i begin to noticed that-my period is late, my boobs are swelling and im more tired n lazy than usual. But then i start to believe that i may be pregnant..eventhough i had no confidence to said soo when frens asking why i look sooo pale and tired..and some rumors are running quickly telling that im expecting my second child. I betul-betul xde perasaan waktu tu..period delay is somthing normal for me, but if im really pregnant then thats a huGE BOnus for us..meaning doa kami diperkenankan Tuhan (Alhamdulillah, Aminnn), Carliff will had his lifetime playmate, n i can join the club as Kak Ayu, Zoora and few other officemates are also expecting theirs.

When its confirm via double prgnancy test n scanning, the excitement take over and fully incharge. The fact that i had to pee every 5 minutes, dizzy spells, no heart to touch any kind of heavy foods, dampen my mood a lots-most of the time. My mood swings easily, i have some down as well as ups. My personality change a bit as i prefer to keep silent other than being ordinary me whose very talkative n active.

But lucky enuf this time around im a bit stronger than before, at least wat i eat stay inside..compared during Carliff's time, i had a bad bad whole morning-night sickness..and make me burst into tears most of the time that wat ever things im trying to take been rejected out. Not only that, if normally people will only experience that sickness only for the first 3 months, i had a bonus round as the sickness stayed till the day i popped Carliff out of me. :( Tuhan saja yg tahu..

Still, i've lost kilos. When i had Carliff in me before, from 49kg...it went down to 45kg thruout first 3 months..i even had low blood pressure..make me asyik rasa nak pengsan whenever i sit or stand longer. And this time, from 5okg...ive lost 2.5kg so far n make me 47.5kg now and yeah, as i almost end up my first trimester soon, hopefully the "super choozy n picky food mood" will gone with the windy weather. Heheh..

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