Sunday, April 4, 2010

AmazinG...BeiJinG (PaRt twO)

Good Morning China! Wo shi AIza..Wo jai Penang, Msia! Hahah..Teruja bangun di awal early as 7.30am, dgn suhu sekitar 3-5 darjah celcius, we all ready n smart, in winter gear..Our first destination today is to tour around Tiananmen Square, which is the largest plaza near the centre of Beijing. Its name after "Gate of Heavenly Peace" and the largest city square in the world!!, bordered by the Great Hall of People and Chairman Mao's Mausoleum.

Tour Around Tiananmen Square

Zhengyangmen Gate


Morning Buzz

The city square

Pinky Liner woot woot

Meet Mr nice person, our tour guide- Incik Azimi - seriously i dont expect he can speak very2-fluently in BM. Feel so proud when he said "BM adalah bahasa yg paling senang sekali di dunia..." :)) Agreed!..(n yet i blog in Meng'lish :B deyy, apa daaa)



Momma Bee n Sweet Bee

Syamin mumbling bout his big day dream..hihi

Penang version of Backstreet Boys


Back-pack! hahah

Here come the interesting part when we tour inside the Forbidden City!, the complex of imperial palace, which was home to the Emperors (from Ming Dynasty to the end of Qing Dynasty) for over 500 yrs. The complex consists of 980 surviving buildings with 8, 707 bays of rooms.

I ingat lagi, when we approach the first gate, i dah termengah2 penat sebab dah jauh rasanya i berjalan dari Tmn. Square tadi..n bila Azimi told us, we had about 9 gates to go kind of GOd, biar betul nak keja jalan jauhnyaaaaa..but yaaa at the end, bila sampai ke gate yg last skali..Azimi cakap kitorg dah brjalan almost 6km..!! Gosh, mcm x percaya i can make it that far, nasib baik cuaca sejuk.. (cuba jalan sejauh tu kat Msia..mau basah baju brpeluh..) Erghh..tpi tu la..bila smpai je hotel malam tu baru rasa sakitnya peha i..

Forbidden City

Unesco World Heritage Site

Entering the first gate

and there are so many gate ahead..fuhh!

Next season Raja Lawak kalau ada dua org ni buat2 xkenal ja..hahaha

Tke a break..wif Kak Ina n Kak Fuzah yg sweet, lovely & baik hati :)

Loop to my lou my Darling!
( i damn love this pix!)

Stick wif U forever...

and ever ever..!!!

Paparazzi caught me here!

Oh here too..

Yours Truly

On our way out.. here are some beautiful, unique things we saw..Enjoy the pixs


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Follow me on my blog for my updates! :)nice to meet u and have a good day!!

~ShaFeRLicioUS~ said...

Thank u..have fun!!

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