Thursday, April 8, 2010

AmaZinG...BeiJiNG (PaRt FouR)

Wake up early in the morning..rasa sgt2 sejuk..rasanya this morning lagi sejuk compared to days before. And yeah, as been told by Azimi last nite, weather forecast shows that..we gonna had a snowy day! Yippee!! (Jakun sungguh rakyat Msia kannn?)

Our first activity today is shopping at the Jade and Crystal Shop. Again, jewelry is not my things (yet). So..nothing in both boutique grab my attention. I mean, kalau ikut nafsu shopping tu memang lah i ada suka one crystal bracelet nih, which is quite strange in design, very rare, n xpenah tgok sesapa lagi pkai..tapi bila pikir2 it will end up in my jewelry box after few days of poyo-ing..better not to waste money-lah. Kann??

Outside the Jade Shop we~freezing pose

Whitish compound

Inside the Crystal Shop :
i found this lil chicky-honey bun baby gurl
(I picit2 pipi dia. She looks like mine kann?~berangan~
Oh God, Mommy Rindu Carliff sangatttttttttt!!!)

Next, is the highlight destination of the day. To the Great Wall of China. Along the way, memang rasa brdebar-debar n x sabar..this is the greatest place on earth that im going to visit. What make it more interesting is that, i had a chance to look at it all covered wif snow! Sure cantik!!!

But by the time we arrived there, salji turun sangat lebat..and most of us had no umbrella. The view is very blurr..suhu waktu tu dah mencecah -4 darjah celcius.Sejukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!
Nak jalan pon hubby jogged all his way in-funny cause i know he talk big before..

Climbing The Great Wall

I spend some time standing in front of the coffee shop to avoid cold n enjoy the stunning view

So do Mr Cold-Freeze Man that almost change into ice cube

I managed to climb up to the first-tier only..other than im afraid to be push by the Arabian (yg agak besar2 dan kasar2), the stair is soooo slippery..its ok to get up, but very risky to get down

Inside view

Tadaaaaaa....i cant believed myself that i was here!

The great wall stretches from Shanhaiguan in the east to Lop Nur in the west, along an arc that roughly delineates the southern edge of Inner Mongolia


Like cotton candy

This is us!

Seterusnya, after lunch, kitaorg bergerak ke kilang membuat barang perhiasan diperbuat daripada sejenis material yg hampir-hampir dgan tembaga. (Thre's special Chinese term for it, but m sorry-i lupa apa nama dia). Material ni digunakan untuk membuat tembikar, sgala jenis hiasan rumah, dan segala craft hiasan yg terdapat di temple2 dan masjid di China. I bought a couple of chopsticks that made from that thing here. It cost me just RM 30 per pairs. Unik!

Just in front of the factory

All hand made ya!

Cantik kan??

The complete piece before coloring process

Lebih kurang jam 5 petang, we then headed to Burning Cream Centre before went to Sunny Point for an evening shopping. Unfortunately there's no pixars taken there. We both sangat sibuk shopping sampai lupa diri..almost tertinggal bas. Ngeh2..typical me!!

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