Saturday, April 10, 2010

AMaziNG.....BeijinG (FinaL Part)

Last day in Beijing, my tights dah mula rasa sakit..specially the left one..i dont know..a lots of walking may be. First pit the world largest steel structure-Beijing National Stadium. Sangat cantik n very unik arkitek design i tell u. Its like something that u translate from dream into reality.

After that, pegi Krystal Shop..owned by one of succesful Msian entrepenuer in China. My mode : boring..i mean, again, this is really not my things-lah.

Next..Foot Massage @ this Massage Oil Factory (which i, like usual forgot the name). Boring jugak!! At first diorang massage our foot, after that they called their Doctors..then cakap lah u ada penyakit itu ini, come the best part, promote their massage oil. :P dah agak dah...

Early Birds

Beijing National Stadium
Best known as "Bird's Nest"
Location : Olympic Green

423 million cost stadium is right in front of me!

This is where 2008 Summer Olympics take place

Birdie, for honey bee!

I just like this nature thing

Another piece of natural art

Wat a perfect view

Ok, saat yg ditunggu2 oleh semua org...Shopping time!!! We hit one of the famous mall in Beijing for a blast. Sampai je kat sini, everybody had their own way, hunting for things. After few hours, we went to the Silk Street..again, for shopping! Mcm kat Sunny Point semalam, i xde masa nak brgambar suma. There's nothing more important than to spend! Wakakaka..

Later after that, kitorg singgah kejap di Hard Cafe Beijing..beli souvenirs. Best, Panda Rocks!!

feLLa Nite
@ HR Cafe Beijing

Officially opened in May 14, 1994

i just learn that there are 140 HR over 4o countries!
WoWW, thats cool!


Dynasty Of Rock-wat a stylo name!

Panda Rocks!!

Esoknya, awal-awal pagi (5.00am) we gather at the hotel lobby. Its time to fly back home. Excited nak balik umah jumpa Carliff ngan Mak but at the same time rasa sedih plak nak tinggalkan Beijing..dan letih jugak bila teringat/pikir pasal keja yg sure belungguk kat atas meja office after a longggggg break! :(
Beijing International Airport

The Boys

Morning Pose

Homesick face

Credit to mr paparazzi for snapping me :)

@KLIA we arrived! Alhamdulillah. :)


sara ahmad said...

hahahaha.. OMG aizaaaaa.. ko ada lagi baju jacket pink tuh?? lama simpan.. kenangan ka??? :))

~ShaFeRLicioUS~ said...

simpan laa..vintage maaa..lagi lama lagi mahal laaa..

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