Friday, March 26, 2010

tote's of LOve

And this is wat i got from dear husband for my 29th birthday

GUESS? Pearl Small Crescent Tote

Earth color - very, very Shaferlicious

She's also available in this color n other whole plain color ~
purple, rich red, black..get to know her better here!

Match my boots perfectly for such romantic gateway
in Beijing

I love my new tote as much as he adore his
brand new GUESS? watch-lah!
and yeah..i dont think i need to say it again n again
that I LOVE my husband veyrhi veyrhi much-lah!
Mmmuuuaxxxx!! TQ :))))


Drama Mama said...

weeeeeeeeee cantik! nak satu! hahaha..purple tu very the comel lah

~ShaFeRLicioUS~ said...

oh, sori, kaunter dah tutup la..Cik PUan boleh lah usul kan prmintaan pada encik Amin yea..
(joking eh!)
hmm..purple tu cantik..masa i pegi tu, purple small size dah hubby soh amik that color ja..lgipun tu mmg fav color i lah.. :) suka!!

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