Sunday, March 28, 2010

MORe n MOre shoessss..

This is Carliff first Superstar shoes

Daddy bought this as an advance birthday present
@Adidas Qbay on the 20th Feb 2010

Pheewittt, dah pakai pegi KL- end of February

New sandals

This vibrant color Adidas, Acu (Ikhram)
beli as Carliff birthday gift. Acu travel all the way frm a.s just to attend his nephew birthday party and deliver it himself. Mommy ngan Carliff terharu sgt, tQ very much Acu..kalau bleh hari raya nanti beli lagi yaaaa...hahaha.

Carliff first converse ever. Actually i've been looking for this Converse Special Edition since last year lagi. Kat Qbay n Gurney dah awal2 lagi sold out. Masa gi KL haritu pon, cari2, size plak takde. Sooo..dah berhenti berharap..but...rezeki Carliff agaknya, finally dapat jugak beli kasut ni..
Tekalah katna?

Yess, we bought this at Sunny Point, Beijing.
Wuuuu..jauhnya beli kasut dia..
Sayangnya Mommy kat dia..hihihi..

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