Wednesday, March 31, 2010

MaRch is SOooooo FabuLOus!!!

March is such a Fab month for me!! Antara bulan yg paling i nanti-nantikan setiap tahun (selain Ramadhan semestinya..& Syawal of course..Muharam..) Yess, u can say because it's my Birth month.., my sweet lil teddy birth month, my sister, my frens also...watever lah ( U know wat, lately i bleh tau buat xkisah..peduli org nak ckap apa..sbb i dah penat, dammnnn tired, nak jaga hati org..n ada ke org nak jaga hati i hmm??)

Actually, March give me more than i can imagine in my life..It bring me joy n happiness..I get a Mommy tittle in March, i started to wear hijab in March, my first day at work also in 1st March (4 yrs ago..meaning my salary increment also in March-lah..yeay..Alhamdulillah..), every year my husband dpt bonus pon in March..(ye ke u?)..its just that..i wonder why we didnt get married in March kannn?? Heheh..

As April is approaching real soon, all that i can say is that, im gonna miss my fab month once again :( Kalau umor panjang, hopefully i'll be given another chance to welcome March again next year..InsyaAllah..(wif another lil bundle in hand?? u wish my dear, u wish..InsyaAllah..heheh)

As one of the EL vip's..i got a great discount, free makeover, etc during my birthday..This mk up set i beli as an advance brthday gift for myself, last Dec during Christmas Sale..(other than i love the clutch wif the gold roses ..i suka set ni sbb berangan mcm Kimora-nyer Goddess Party theme..hahah..)

My Lovely dewy dress by F21

Dress ni actually dah lama i beli..since Oct last year. Masa tu i attend course kat KL..and at the end of it, they're throwing a dinner party..konon nak pkai masa tu tpi xjdi sbb xde pkai baju lain..(nasib baik beli 3 so that ada variety) n end up xpenah pkai baju ni langsung smpai sekarang..hmmm tgah tunggu offer org tu nak ajak i gi birthday dinner..(to whom it may concern, i hope u read this :) )

My latest Elle

This is my birthday prezzie from my Fabfwen! I called it pari2 dress..hahah..anyway, to Mr.miez, endang, Kak ayu..TQ so very2 much.Meminjam kata2 Dato SN on ABPBH - Awak semua adalah org2 terhebat yang pernah wujud dlam hidup saya!! (betul ke dia ckap cmtu?) nway, I lov uols!! High five! LOL

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