Monday, March 8, 2010

Hip Hip HoooReY!!!

MommY & CarLiff-High Five!!! (Pix taken @ The Curve during our visit to KL 26th Feb 2010, Friday)

Oh i almost forgot bout this blog contest till i received sms from Baizura saying that she's coming to Carliff birthday with a prize in hand!
We won the Twinky Winky giveaway! Hoooreyyy!!!
Syukran Ya Allah, and i think ni rezeki Carliff with due to his birthday..
and i xsangka pon nak menang!!
I shud thank the judges and Bai for having this great competition..
Thank you for coming to Carliffs Birthday Party that day..
Tak sangka finally we get to see each other for real! Hahah
and its nice that Carliff meet Irfan too!


(Pixxies Credit to : Baizura-Drama Mama n
Twinky Winky Blog Owner)
i hope u dont mind im using ur pixs here! :)

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