Saturday, March 20, 2010

HeLLo ALiCe, How's WonDeRLand??

Lastnite, (19th March 2010, 9.20pm show-Qbay) three of us spend time with Alice in Wonder-wonder land !! If u had seen some other Tim Burton film before, like Sweeny Todd and Sleepy Hollow, all that i can say is that AiW join along the gorgeous list..Its very entertaning spectacle, a beautifully executed re-imagining of the classic (my) childhood tale.

This is Alice. Played by fresh face of Aussie Mia Wasikowska..(hard to pronoun eh)

Wacky-wacky Mr Mad Hatter and its no doubt Johnny Depp is the best

Beautiful Anne Hathaway is the White Queen

Alice - Red Queen (Helena Bonham-Carter) -
Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum (Matt Lucas)

My husband said i would be good to play The Red Queen (ahh, sure!! hahah) n he's please to be the Smily Cat ( Cheshire Cat by Stephen Fry)..So wats your fav character? Let me know ok?

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sara ahmad said...

yerrr, saya sudah bertudung.. kekeke.. :P

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