Sunday, March 7, 2010

~DaDDy's BiRthDay LuncH~

Date : 20th February 2010, Saturday
Venue : TGI Friday's Qbay Mall

After 3 mos, finally, finally we had a chance to sit together n had a proper birthday lunch for Daddy! Its not that we dont have a proper lunch before, weekend kan slalu kuar, had lunch sesame gak..lagipun before this kan dah celebrate dgn adik bradik Daddy kat umah Pak Tok kat S.P masa family gathering hari tu..Its just that, Daddy said, "we shud have the special one..just to celebrate my big day, n for the three of us" u wish, here we are!!

Carliff fav toys - aeroplane!! as one of the deco

The Parentikos

Mimi Mommy

Daddy Cool

Mr C as Baseball game partner n commentator

Whenever i said things to him,
he always know more than me..

The Kiddos Diddos

I dip

I eat

I enjoy

Daddy dip

and im still enjoying

The Menu

Hubby : Strawberry Lemonade Slush
Me : oh i dont remember this yogurt drink name

Chicken Fingers-
strips of chiken breast, deep fried with fries
This one for lil C

We both having the same steak
Serious tak sedap :( I blame the sauce..may be if we stick to first plan, pegi Gurney makan kat Chillis lagi fault! (Malas nak gi town! TGIF kan sblah umah jer..)

Chocolate Oreo Mint Crunch &
Mocha Latte Minis Desserts

Mine, Sangat sedaplah!! Soo...irresistible

Asyik2 buat muka sempoii..

Hah, hahahha..

The story behind this picture, masa i tgh bz snapping n Daddy do wat he's best at, Carliff plak bz swing out Mr Elvis frame..(tgok dlm gambar ni pon frame tu dah senget) n its almost fell down tau tak??!! i menjerit n quicky run perbetulkan frame tu balik..nasib baik..kalau takkk..oh better not to mention bout it-lah. Pheewww.. and Daddy macam biasa acting cool. Huh!

Mommy poyo-ing with her heels

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