Thursday, April 1, 2010

AmaZinG...BeiJinG (FiRst Part)

Yeah, finally, as promised, berkurun come the Beijing post. Actually thre's sooo much to tell..tapi..i malas sgt nak menaip + karang ayat + xde masa + Bz working (Banyakkkkkkkk sgt keja kat ofis!!) + tired...Wish the pictures can speak for themselves!! ;b

Anyway, honestly, it was such a wonderful trip, i really2 enjoy myself..Those days were amazing and unforgettable.. and i had a spectacular experience of my life..that i was stunned by God's creation of beautiful place on earth.

To TianJin We Fly High

LCCT, 12 March 10, 6.30 am

Depart : KL 8.30 am

Arrive : Tianjin 1435 pm

Tee Hihi

Pose to Paparazzi

I always marvel..whenever i travel."

Breakfast at Chocolate

At 11.15am we reached Ho Chin Min City, Vietnam
(from the sky)

Flight No D7 2612

After 6hrs flying with Air Asia X, we arrived in Tian Jin. (Erghh...i sebenarnya xsuka travel jauh2 naik AA, sempit, bosan, xcomfort langsung..dah la i baru je baik sakit belakang! Huh!)

As soon as we reach thre, I was stunned by the beautiful scenic views that i only saw in pictures. Disebabkan masa tu di penghujung musim sejuk (Spring-Winter), suhu mencecah hampir 6 darjah celcius..damn freaking cold!! Pemandangan sangat2 cantikkkk!! Speechless!

Then, we transfer to Beijng by coach. This takes another 1.5 hours. (Most of us layan je cuaca yg sejuk dan nyaman tu...zzzzzzz.....)

Upon arrival, we had a dinner at the most famous Xin Jiang Muslim Restaurant. The food is simply yummy n healthy..(i mmg suka chinese cuisine pon :) so no prob at all-lah). Then, we headed to the nearby theater to watch an Acrobatic Show before check into Long Ding Hua hotel for a comfort rest.

Fantastic Acrobatic Show

The show is filled with different amazing acts

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RARA said...

bestnya beijing!

tumpang tanya u gi dengan travel agency ke, if yes, wanna know the details!

mcm interesting saja! next year trip perhaps?


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