Wednesday, March 31, 2010

MaRch is SOooooo FabuLOus!!!

March is such a Fab month for me!! Antara bulan yg paling i nanti-nantikan setiap tahun (selain Ramadhan semestinya..& Syawal of course..Muharam..) Yess, u can say because it's my Birth month.., my sweet lil teddy birth month, my sister, my frens also...watever lah ( U know wat, lately i bleh tau buat xkisah..peduli org nak ckap apa..sbb i dah penat, dammnnn tired, nak jaga hati org..n ada ke org nak jaga hati i hmm??)

Actually, March give me more than i can imagine in my life..It bring me joy n happiness..I get a Mommy tittle in March, i started to wear hijab in March, my first day at work also in 1st March (4 yrs ago..meaning my salary increment also in March-lah..yeay..Alhamdulillah..), every year my husband dpt bonus pon in March..(ye ke u?)..its just that..i wonder why we didnt get married in March kannn?? Heheh..

As April is approaching real soon, all that i can say is that, im gonna miss my fab month once again :( Kalau umor panjang, hopefully i'll be given another chance to welcome March again next year..InsyaAllah..(wif another lil bundle in hand?? u wish my dear, u wish..InsyaAllah..heheh)

As one of the EL vip's..i got a great discount, free makeover, etc during my birthday..This mk up set i beli as an advance brthday gift for myself, last Dec during Christmas Sale..(other than i love the clutch wif the gold roses ..i suka set ni sbb berangan mcm Kimora-nyer Goddess Party theme..hahah..)

My Lovely dewy dress by F21

Dress ni actually dah lama i beli..since Oct last year. Masa tu i attend course kat KL..and at the end of it, they're throwing a dinner party..konon nak pkai masa tu tpi xjdi sbb xde pkai baju lain..(nasib baik beli 3 so that ada variety) n end up xpenah pkai baju ni langsung smpai sekarang..hmmm tgah tunggu offer org tu nak ajak i gi birthday dinner..(to whom it may concern, i hope u read this :) )

My latest Elle

This is my birthday prezzie from my Fabfwen! I called it pari2 dress..hahah..anyway, to Mr.miez, endang, Kak ayu..TQ so very2 much.Meminjam kata2 Dato SN on ABPBH - Awak semua adalah org2 terhebat yang pernah wujud dlam hidup saya!! (betul ke dia ckap cmtu?) nway, I lov uols!! High five! LOL

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Duhai anak..

Renung-renungkan..pada wajah yang kau lihat itu ada syurga..

Renung-renungkan..pada bundar mata yang kau tenung itu adanya sinar cahaya..


Tatapi wajah-wajah kemuliaan itu..

Nikmatnya bagai berguguran dosa-dosamu..

Wahai anak..

Fikir-fikirkan..pada tangan yang kau kucupi itu ada rasa hangatnya cinta

Fikir-fikirkan..pada pelukan yang kau rasai itu ada rasa sejuknya sayang


Kucupi tangan-tangan kasih itu..

Nikmatnya bagai mencium wangian Firdausi..


Menjenguk ayah dan ibu..Mereka merinduimu,

Mereka lebih tahu..bahawa..

asal usul itulah..yang terbaik buatmu!

Shaferrihaiza, March 27

Sunday, March 28, 2010

This Shoes R made foR WaLkinG

Shoes, shoes, shoes you've got nothing to lose,
Shoes, shoes, shoes you've got nothing to lose.
You need shoes to walk around
Shoes, shoes, shoes they keep you off the ground

Shoes, shoes, shoes wear them on your feet
Shoes, shoes, shoes oh they're soo neat

You need shoes, just use your head,
Withot my shoes i'd just stay in bed.

Shoes, shoes, shoes you've got nothing to lose
Shoes, shoes, shoes, wat else to choose??

Beautiful Poem By : Jesse Perrett,

My Beijing Boots : Im just giving U another reason
to - envy me!!

MORe n MOre shoessss..

This is Carliff first Superstar shoes

Daddy bought this as an advance birthday present
@Adidas Qbay on the 20th Feb 2010

Pheewittt, dah pakai pegi KL- end of February

New sandals

This vibrant color Adidas, Acu (Ikhram)
beli as Carliff birthday gift. Acu travel all the way frm a.s just to attend his nephew birthday party and deliver it himself. Mommy ngan Carliff terharu sgt, tQ very much Acu..kalau bleh hari raya nanti beli lagi yaaaa...hahaha.

Carliff first converse ever. Actually i've been looking for this Converse Special Edition since last year lagi. Kat Qbay n Gurney dah awal2 lagi sold out. Masa gi KL haritu pon, cari2, size plak takde. Sooo..dah berhenti berharap..but...rezeki Carliff agaknya, finally dapat jugak beli kasut ni..
Tekalah katna?

Yess, we bought this at Sunny Point, Beijing.
Wuuuu..jauhnya beli kasut dia..
Sayangnya Mommy kat dia..hihihi..

Friday, March 26, 2010

tote's of LOve

And this is wat i got from dear husband for my 29th birthday

GUESS? Pearl Small Crescent Tote

Earth color - very, very Shaferlicious

She's also available in this color n other whole plain color ~
purple, rich red, black..get to know her better here!

Match my boots perfectly for such romantic gateway
in Beijing

I love my new tote as much as he adore his
brand new GUESS? watch-lah!
and yeah..i dont think i need to say it again n again
that I LOVE my husband veyrhi veyrhi much-lah!
Mmmuuuaxxxx!! TQ :))))

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Dedicated to all my BEAUTIFUL FOLLOWERS
my dear BLOGGER Frens & Family &
my superb COMMENTators

Please feel free to stick it on your blog side bar!!
(Oh u know who you are!!)

29yr?? OH, soooooooooo FABULOUS!!!

Thanks GOd i had another chance to celebrate my birthday..
i just feel sooo bless, syukur sangat!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

HeLLo ALiCe, How's WonDeRLand??

Lastnite, (19th March 2010, 9.20pm show-Qbay) three of us spend time with Alice in Wonder-wonder land !! If u had seen some other Tim Burton film before, like Sweeny Todd and Sleepy Hollow, all that i can say is that AiW join along the gorgeous list..Its very entertaning spectacle, a beautifully executed re-imagining of the classic (my) childhood tale.

This is Alice. Played by fresh face of Aussie Mia Wasikowska..(hard to pronoun eh)

Wacky-wacky Mr Mad Hatter and its no doubt Johnny Depp is the best

Beautiful Anne Hathaway is the White Queen

Alice - Red Queen (Helena Bonham-Carter) -
Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum (Matt Lucas)

My husband said i would be good to play The Red Queen (ahh, sure!! hahah) n he's please to be the Smily Cat ( Cheshire Cat by Stephen Fry)..So wats your fav character? Let me know ok?

Friday, March 19, 2010

They Keep on saYinG..& WhispeRing..

Ok..i know..TQ

Bout 5 more days to go..

Fabulous 29 !!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm HOme!!!

It feel sooo GOOd to be home! To see my love one!
Hmm..i need some time to rest..
plis excuse me yaa..

Monday, March 8, 2010

Wo DaO Qu BeiJiNG..Zai JiaN (^ ^)

(Pix Google but how i wish i can draw this..can i??)

Im OFF to Beijing, China from
11th till 16th MARCH 2010

(Hmm..perasaan nak ke sana bagai mahu pulang ke
negara sndiri..hanya yg mata sepet faham ni..kan Sara? Hahah)

Hip Hip HoooReY!!!

MommY & CarLiff-High Five!!! (Pix taken @ The Curve during our visit to KL 26th Feb 2010, Friday)

Oh i almost forgot bout this blog contest till i received sms from Baizura saying that she's coming to Carliff birthday with a prize in hand!
We won the Twinky Winky giveaway! Hoooreyyy!!!
Syukran Ya Allah, and i think ni rezeki Carliff with due to his birthday..
and i xsangka pon nak menang!!
I shud thank the judges and Bai for having this great competition..
Thank you for coming to Carliffs Birthday Party that day..
Tak sangka finally we get to see each other for real! Hahah
and its nice that Carliff meet Irfan too!


(Pixxies Credit to : Baizura-Drama Mama n
Twinky Winky Blog Owner)
i hope u dont mind im using ur pixs here! :)

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