Saturday, February 20, 2010


When he just a tiny lil fella.."Pee ka boo" can really tickle his heart n entertain he will laugh again n again no matter how many time i do the Boo..(of course la kita org Melayu main "Tut Chak" kan?) I mean its really fun time for both of us beside the "Open, Shut" game (Chak che kor-lah!)..that we will laugh, n roll over the bed and laugh sangat2-lah!!

But now, when he grew up..its his turn to entertain me. When only both of us at home (after lunch, after Barney show) and we had nothing else to do (wait for him to fall asleep) there come Carliff si "Pekachew"..LOL. How on earth he got this funny name? Actually, during his first attempt to do it...and just start to say Peee...Kaa..suddenly, he sneeze!! That, make the Boo come out as Chewww!!! Comel sgt!!! LOL..smpai bila2 pon tak lupa nih!!

Carliff sayang, Mommy happy sgt to have u around me whenever i need someone to talk to, someone to say somthing to (Daddy kan sibuk keja, n study :( , And as a boy..mommy know that sooner or later u gonna leave me alone..(sedih!) but can u at least promise me that u'll be back here n visit me once a while? Even at that time, im old n sick..i would still love to hear you say Pee Kaa Boo! Sayaaaaaaaaaanggg..!!!! Mmmmuaaaaxxxx!!! (Blame my emo, its getting worst since i had someone call me Mimi)


Drama Mama said...

haaa macam pikachu dah..hiks...ingatkan from barney tukar ke pikachu!

emonya...i pun terasa nak emo gak...sob sob sob...sedih kan kalau diorang dah grow up nanti takleh together2 24-7 dahhhh! huhuhu

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