Monday, February 15, 2010

BARNEY's everywhere..

Ever since Carliff takes Mr B as an live became purple and purple-ier! Hahah..Everything is about Barney..(he pronouns it as Barmi) here Barney, there sukalah! Now i can understand why hubby refused to get him Barney's Birthday cake..(we had enuf lah!!!)

Our fav TV shows will be interrupted wif B's show..(asyik tgok CD Barney jerrr tiap2 malam)
He (and We) can sing almost all B's song now and remember the dialog too (he-part2 ujung je far 3 CD's dah khatam!)
He'll eat more if the dish been served in B's plate..(this one good lah!)
He'll ask/force me to dance and sing along B's song..(ni paling tak tahan..kalau tak, merajuk tunjuk perasaan!)
Mr B will be wif him wherever he go (nasib baik sindrom ni kat umah jer..tak smpai di bawak ke skolah or bila outing..)
Last few days, went to Toy's R Us..refused to check out without Mr B..Again?! (Bankrupt lah Mommy camni!)

I can imagine how life would be wif Ben 1o and Ultraman..and Digimon..watever..soon. But hopefully NOT..Unsur-unsur keganasan totally not allowed here!! Pasni tgok Astro Oasis jer..Ehem, Bleh kerr??...


e-caR NazRin aka ibuEiymann said...

samer lar ngn Eiymann.. suke bangat ngn Barney.. smpi besday dia bln apr. nie pun ibu dia kena wat Barney theme.. hehe..

eh, nnt i invite u n family ok..

~ShaFeRLicioUS~ said...

Oh ya ke? idol abis lah kan?
insyaallah..tq for ur invitation

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