Saturday, February 20, 2010


When he just a tiny lil fella.."Pee ka boo" can really tickle his heart n entertain he will laugh again n again no matter how many time i do the Boo..(of course la kita org Melayu main "Tut Chak" kan?) I mean its really fun time for both of us beside the "Open, Shut" game (Chak che kor-lah!)..that we will laugh, n roll over the bed and laugh sangat2-lah!!

But now, when he grew up..its his turn to entertain me. When only both of us at home (after lunch, after Barney show) and we had nothing else to do (wait for him to fall asleep) there come Carliff si "Pekachew"..LOL. How on earth he got this funny name? Actually, during his first attempt to do it...and just start to say Peee...Kaa..suddenly, he sneeze!! That, make the Boo come out as Chewww!!! Comel sgt!!! LOL..smpai bila2 pon tak lupa nih!!

Carliff sayang, Mommy happy sgt to have u around me whenever i need someone to talk to, someone to say somthing to (Daddy kan sibuk keja, n study :( , And as a boy..mommy know that sooner or later u gonna leave me alone..(sedih!) but can u at least promise me that u'll be back here n visit me once a while? Even at that time, im old n sick..i would still love to hear you say Pee Kaa Boo! Sayaaaaaaaaaanggg..!!!! Mmmmuaaaaxxxx!!! (Blame my emo, its getting worst since i had someone call me Mimi)

Friday, February 19, 2010


Carliff's baby cousin is celebrating his first birthday on the
20th Feb 2009


"we LOVE you"

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

sWeeT Like Choc0Late Bar!!

At 1 year 11 mos,
Anak lelaki kesayangan i ni wlaupun naughty, tapi dia SWEEEEEEEEEEET sgat!
Pandai ambil hati..slalu nak marah tapi tak jadi..HiHi..

Monday, February 15, 2010

BARNEY's everywhere..

Ever since Carliff takes Mr B as an live became purple and purple-ier! Hahah..Everything is about Barney..(he pronouns it as Barmi) here Barney, there sukalah! Now i can understand why hubby refused to get him Barney's Birthday cake..(we had enuf lah!!!)

Our fav TV shows will be interrupted wif B's show..(asyik tgok CD Barney jerrr tiap2 malam)
He (and We) can sing almost all B's song now and remember the dialog too (he-part2 ujung je far 3 CD's dah khatam!)
He'll eat more if the dish been served in B's plate..(this one good lah!)
He'll ask/force me to dance and sing along B's song..(ni paling tak tahan..kalau tak, merajuk tunjuk perasaan!)
Mr B will be wif him wherever he go (nasib baik sindrom ni kat umah jer..tak smpai di bawak ke skolah or bila outing..)
Last few days, went to Toy's R Us..refused to check out without Mr B..Again?! (Bankrupt lah Mommy camni!)

I can imagine how life would be wif Ben 1o and Ultraman..and Digimon..watever..soon. But hopefully NOT..Unsur-unsur keganasan totally not allowed here!! Pasni tgok Astro Oasis jer..Ehem, Bleh kerr??...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

"I JoiN The TWINK, I HoPe I CaN WIn!!"

is feeling very generous and
would like to give away

for FREE!

Yes, u hear me right!!


YOU must first join this contest organized by her. There will be 2 categories for the contest :

1) Diaper Cupcakes for Newborns - 12 months
2) Diaper Cupcakes for Toddlers ( 1 - 2 y.o)

So there will be 1 winner for each category.

ME? Yeah, this is my very first time entering a blog contest..i never did before (serius!!)..
Y NOW? Why not..? No harm trying kan..?? and of course nak support kawan2.. ;)

So..did i fulfill the TNC?

1) YES, im truly ONE MALAYSIAN PR..

2) NO, im not!

3) YES, one BLOG and one FB acc

4) YES, i follow..

Which Category?

SECOND CATEGORY-Diaper Cupcakes For Toddlers 1-2 yrs old!!

The Slogan? (Hihi..serious xpandai..)

"I would love to win the delectable diaper cupcakes from TWINKY WINKY STARS (TWS) because.....
it travelled all the way from Mars,
make it the yummiest drop from the trillion stars,
with diapers, toys icing that i cant resist,
perfect as Carliff's second year birthday gift! (^^)"

This contest end at midnite-28th FEB 2010
and i would like to invite all of you to join this by


GOOD LUCK to ALL of us!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

DeaR aLL : ThiS is My Birthday WishList- By CaRLiff's

Dear Mak Tok and Achik,

I always wanted to have a brand new bike. As the one that i get from mommy's fren during my last birthday seems to be no longer suitable with my height..i think its quite reasonable to receive a new one kan? I always imagine it was red in color n super cool enuf to ride along wif my fren..i hope both of you can fulfill my wish..wink! wink!

Dear Daddy,

Wasnt it cool for a boy like me to have my very own ride? I mean..u love F1 do u? So do i..and i think im young enuf to get a chance and learn how to drive now. As both of you are goin to leave me behind wif Mak Tok ( to go to Beijing..huh!! ) im sure this will be the best perfect gift to "bribe" me and i promise to behave and take a good care of myself while u r not sure orang kampung Mak Tok mesti jealous tgok my super gorgeous car kan? Kannnnnnnnn? (Battling eyelashes)

Oh Mommy,

I know i shouldn't ask for more from you..but i would love to have a new shoes laa. The blue Nike that i had before is no longer comfortable n fit me. When u brought me to GAP last few days..i can hear u talk (to Daddy) and ask permission from Daddy that u want to get me the one in can i get it Mommy? (smart lah kasut tu!) and if its Ok, i also would like to have another pair from Adidas or Nike or Converse or OshKosh so that i can replace the old one..yaa? PLIsssssssssssss.........

Dear Mak Teh, Chik Na, Mak Su and Mamu,

Heheh..did all of u know that i adore BARNEY so much? That i can even sing every single song (yg ujung2 je lah) from the new release CD's? So...i would love to request from the fantastic four (of you lah) anything that u guys can get me related to my ultimate idol..Daddy had bought me few CD's, Mommy had bought me Barney's soft toys and dining set (wif plate, mug and complete cutlery set)..and i just cant wait to get somthing suprise from all of u..Woot, woooottt!!!

I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to my Tok Wan (grandad) that wif his ang pau, im affort to buy a play house now! Weeee....

Last but not least, to Pak Tok and Nani,
I would love to get both of you to make me the yummiest Roti Jala for my birthday party..Bleh kannnn?? Janji tak naughty2 lagi..hahaha

Friday, February 5, 2010

U R My LoveLY DOveY SON-shine..

FOR MY CHILD By Kathleen Edwards

Scared does not begin to describe
How i feel inside
I can just barely begin
To take care of myself,
How can i learn to take care of you too?
I have no one to stand beside me
To lessen the pressure
Of raising you right
Scared i will make a mistake
Scared i will not be able
To raise u properly
But scared is not the only way i feel

Happiness does not begin
To describe my joy
I am happy because
You are all i ever wanted
I have waited my whole life for you
My life finally seems worthwhile
Happiness at the thought
Of loving you for the life time

Love does not come close
To how i feel for you
I will never leave your side
I will always stand up for you
All that u want or ever desire
I will do my best to get for you
No one will ever
Take your place in my life
No one could ever
Be more important than you
My darling, My child, Mommy love you..
Proud that u r goin to be 2..

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

DRinK MiLK and Go To REHaB

Alhamdulillah..syukur, i've fully recovered from my lower back pain..Thanks God- again, thank u Dr Lee, Thank u Mr Rehab man- huh, i dah lupa apa ntah nama dia..and not to forget Thank u Anlene Concentrate- the fact that its cheaper (4 kotak- 125ml each = lebih kurang RM 5.70 jer) and i didnt need to prepare it manually, make things very easy bizzy yummy..

Monday, February 1, 2010

TRIP-py and PARTy

5th - 7th Feb - Ladies Day Out - KL Trip

14th Feb - CNY Family Picnic

26th - 28th Feb - The 3 Together - KL Trip

6th Mac -

Carliff's 2 yr Bithday, Achik Pinat & Aunty Hajar Birthday also..

InsyaAllah, there will b a Birthday Party!!

11th - 18th Mac - Beijing, China Trip

25th Mac - Whose Birthday is it anyway???

Psst : Tgok planner jer i dah rasa letih..fuhh!! Risau xckup masa..

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