Thursday, January 14, 2010

PeRSonaLize it YouR waY..

Frens of mine said that i'm very into art-like im born with ability of making things look extra-ordinary in a creative way.. (hmm..ya ke?) As for me, art is my possession-somthing that i love very much..kind of way to express my feeling towards surrounding..and i like to see things in different ways..-if that's what people consider as being creative-lah..Huh, i dont is undefinable..very subjective..only those who understand will nod their head.

Actually what im trying to share here is that..everybody-pon can be creative..its just how u see things a lil bit diffrent from others..and turn it on to be somthing that reflect u-urself..

I get this pouch-make up bag for free when i bought EH! mag..
and tot its very boring without somthing IN"..So..i put this pink flower brooch on it..which is very me cause i love this pale pink color..and the flower means "Elle" (feminine) in me..See as simple as that.

Hmm..and this zebra print bag is only RM10 jer..get it during Avon stock clearance yg Kak Moon buat kat office. Used it as my daily make up bag..and again its just a plain boring bag that i pimp it with a black rose brooch and make it extra girly"..even now it looks a bit over kan? an evening bag plak..So frens, why dont you try it urself..personalize it ur way!


ZOORA said...

cool!!!! suka!!!

~ShaFeRLicioUS~ said...

u kan ker lagi creative meh?

Chempaka Aurora said...

cantiklah those roses brooches..boleh suggest kat mana nak beli? tgh mencari ni. thanx in advance :-)

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