Thursday, January 14, 2010

"The InVisibLe FrienD"


This is what C called his “Invisible Fren”. I don’t know. We don’t take it seriously actually…but it come to our notice that there’s a nite (like 3 to 4 days a week) whre C will stand on a couch or go to the corner of the hall, acting like a Tarzan (with hand beside his mouth) shouting for “Chitakk”.

At first we thought he just play around..Come on, it’s normal-lah kan for kids at his age (that time-16 months) to play by his own, talking to themselves..but as I comtinue to observed, I realized there exist two way communication between him and this “Chitakk”. I can see him nod his head or sometime kind of like asking questions (oh I wish I can understand them) and touching, tickling, running, jumping with each other.

The thing is..Chitakk came when only C called for it..usually right after Maghrib and it doesn’t care whether we wre there-stay along with C. Its just that when my husband was not around, (stay up at the office, gone to class, pegi main futsal,bowling etc) I noticed that this invisible fella will stay a bit least until my husband reach home. U know, kind of like a “guardian” and something like that.

Not only that, if let say that nite Chitakk came n play, the next morning, Chitakk will send C to school too..Sound ridiculous i know..but when we reached my office-back gate, C will wave his hand and said "Taa Chitakkkk..," (goodbye) or call out "Chitakkk," and pointed to the gate..smpai my husband jokingly said.."Aik, dia pon antar Carliff pi skolah jugak..,"

But of course, as an Islam..even we trust that there exist “The Others” among us..we still had to get rid of this thing as we cannot be fren with them, and we don’t know what’s their intention or reason why they are here. My biggest concern/worries is that.. what if this Chitakk is an evil or a ginnie..or bunian and would like to be fren with C? (SubhanaAllah..apalah I merepek ni..pkir yg bukan2..)

One more thing about this invisible fren is that..eventho I can feel the existing of it in our house, like one kind of entity around us, I don’t feel anything weird/scary bout it. Kan ker..kalau kita rasa pelik skit..bulu roma kita meremang kan…rasa seram ke…tapi this Chitakk bring nothing like that. If let say I performed solat in the back room, this spooky fren also don’t mind being in the same room and reciting Yaasin just make both of them (think so) sit still, flipping books together while asking each other questions..(U know, macam ada org lain..Cuma tak nampak rupa je..)

So..eventho I ni seorang yang penakut yg amat, for the good sake of my son I have to be brave..(konon)..if let say I saw C starts to talk with Chitakk..i will quickly calling him, asking him questions..and left everything behind just to play with him..cause I realize when he need my intention n I don’t entertain him (with due to bziness of handling house work and cannot handle both at the same time) -that’s when he merajuk n call out for like my hsbad told me..eventho Chitakk don’t disturb us and may be just stop by to make fren, i have to be alert and focusing more on C to ensure that he’s with me instead of entering Chitakk world..(just in case)..

But today Alhamdulillah, I hear nothing about Chitakk anymore. C had stop calling him since last two months and everytime when I ask him where’s Chitakk, he replied back by saying “Tak dakk,”. And last nite when he asked me to play with him..while im bz at the kitchen, dgn tak sengaja i terjawab.."May be u shud call chitakk..." then pause..err.."U know..,if u miss him," n again he replied me “Tak dakk..”

I think may be Chitakk had found a new fren somewhere else.."Err..did ur son have a fren call Chitakk lately..??"

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