Friday, January 29, 2010

WheN LOVE...BiTe!

"Kak Aiza...Carliff kena gigit dgan Umar, kesian dia nangis smpai tertidok,"

"Huh?!" Lari, cepat2 ke sleeping classroom 2..

"Kesian..anak mommy," lekat kesan 4 batg gigi kat idung..i usap rambut anak kesayangan..

"Camna bleh kena gigit?"

"Hmmm..Umar biasa la...,"

I tgok Umar pon dah tido tergolek kat sblah tu..kesian, letih..waktu anak-anak kita tido..trserlah zahir kasih sayang..rasa sayanggggggggg sangat..i know that Umar's quite active among others..he's just a day older than Carliff tpi best-nyer dia dah ada kan? Dia dah ada kawan. I mean put a side the fact that he just bite Carliff's nose..boy is a boy..tak kuasa i nak emo dgn budak2..

"Ooo..nanti ckap kat ayah Umar.." i joke with no heart feeling..

"Abis arini dia gigit org, tpi Carliff la kena teruk skit,"

I remember there's day he bite Zahen quite close to his eyes..heheh..kesian Aaaeein..

"Carliff buat dia dulu kot?" Me, fishing the story..

"Carliff tarik dia, ajak main.."

"Oh...Carliff la mula nih," Dah besar anak mommy..dah pandai cari gadoh..

To tell u truth, almost every week ada je story-mory from school..yg ni kena gigit..yg tu kena cakar..yg nun kena tampar..yang ni tak dengar cakap, yg tu today..Cikgu ckap dah 2 hari Carliff cakar muka Syifa...(Hah?!!! dah blajar mncakar plak??!!!!) Adoooiiiyaiii...kesian kat Syifa..dah le kawan tu lemah lembut sopan santun..(I shud say Sorry to Kak Aya laaa..)

Pon begitu, im soo lucky to learn that setakat ni..xde lah kes parent yg marah2 sbb anak2 diorg kena itu ini..may be we know more bout our own child..masing2 pon notti..lagipun i believe that we are adult-mature enuf to give n take tentang perihal budak2..may be today yours bite mine..what if tommorow mine slap yours??

Hmmm..kalau syg anak, nak maintain gebu, i is not the best option..sorry to say..because so far..only the strongest will survived! (Terpaksa lah kena survive..if not siapa nak jaga..mommy, daddy kena keja cari rezeki..)

Kadang2 rasa bangga juga..they are soo independent..i mean at this very young age, they are very discipline..waktu makan, tido, masuk class.. suma ikut time..-never a mother hati i sangat tersentuh, bila nak mandi kena beratur..lepas cikgu buka baju, diorg buka pampers sendiri..straight way masukkan dlam dustbin n take turn to shower..(kekonon macam mini PLKN plak)..kesian..amat bertuah lah korang yg dapat peluang jaga anak2 dengan kasih syg tangan sendiri..

Pepun, I slalu ckap kat Carliff since day one pegi school (age 61 days)..

"Everyday, masa mommy ngan daddy pegi keja, Carliff kena behave, kena take care of yourself tau, cause mommy might not be there when u need me..its all by yourself...but our prayers will always be with you, again, take care, Mommy, Daddy Love u much!!"

Sedih wehh..

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

LadieS Day OuT!!

This coming weekend (5th to 7th Feb) we, ladies
InsyaAllah, are goin to KL to have an exclusive
shopping time and...a WET party!!!
(Exclusive? : Our very own time, single-mingle
wif no daddies n babbies..
Thank You kerana mengizinkan yea? Trust us, we need this!)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

PLis, PLiS, PLisssss KamU JGN NakaL!!

Ergghhh.. dont get me wrong!! i TAK suka lagu tu..plis lah!!
Tapi CARLIFF AL-IMRAN..u better listen to me yaaaaaaa.
Mommy mmg BAIK, Mommy mmg SAYANGGGGG Carliff sgt2..


When im not feeling well, busy with my work,
busy with my things at home..
Plis Behave,
Dont try me yaa..
I can be very ANGRY-GARANG-like ur Dad said-mcm Singa..!!

SOOO..u better watch out ya..

when i say NO means NO!!

when i say DONT means DONT!!

when i say CANNOT means CANNOT..!!


(Huh...kali ni i betul2 buat muka serious..Daddy plak dah stanby kat sblah pintu nak mnyelamatkan anak kesayangan dari cedera parah..(Weh, paling xtahan i cubit je-lah!) Tetiba je C lari masuk bilik and scream 'NOOOOOOOO..."..Amboih kecik genit dah pandai melawan??..Everytime when i said somthing to u..u always know more than me..kan?? Sakit blakang mcm mak mngeluh pon mcm mak nenek..Gosh, im a mother now..whats more to expect?? Hopefully No heart attack-lah..heheh..GOD, im getting old!! )

Notti BoY

Saturday, January 23, 2010

DaDDy love to pLaY Dress UP

Wif his brand new Fred Perry Bag
(Huh! Jealous!-P Class ke P Ronggeng En. Amri?)

My most fav of all

I bought this Zara Men shirt for him during my last
visit to KL in Oct 2009
(Brown is sooo you lah!)

Our childhood fav cartoon-Smurfs
(Cute! i suka niii)

BaCkPackinG aROunD AsiA

2008 - Hatyai, Thailand

2009 - Jakarta, Bandung - Indonesia

2010 - Beijing, China
InsyaAllah, kalau umo panjang..murah rezeki,
sihat, xde coming 12th March 2010..
If not dok umah diam2 yea..hahah

Im NoT feeling WeLL :(

Its been a week now-ME-suffering-crying-with due to my spinal cord/lower back pain problem..

Cannot sit, sleep and stand properly-if more than 15 mins ja rasa mcm xselesa sgt dah, long distance walk- hurt the most, nak tunduk kutip barang pon sakit, even if i cough, sneeze..i can feel the pain.. :( waaaaa...dah mcm mak nenek dah i nih!

During my visit (Saturday-23rd Jan) to see Dr Lee-mentioned that low back pain is triggered by some of overuse, muscle strain, and injury to the muscles, ligaments, and discs that support the spine..

He advised me to take a rest..elakkan mgangkat barang2 berat, if can avoid from carrying my son for at least till i feel a bit better (this one cannot lah kot-x sampai hati), spend time more on bed..and attend Physiotherapy session for at least 3x a week..(erghhhh..)..

So, would u plis excuse me for a while as i cannot spend time sitting in front of lappie lama2..(rasa mcm nak trcabut tulang blakang! Oouchhh!) I'll try to come up with latest post once i feel OK..ya..?! Take care..

Friday, January 22, 2010

SaY Thank YOu ALLAH..

During my kelas ngaji today, Ustazah Thaniah do mentioned that..ramai dari kalangan kita hari ni lupa nak ngucapkan syukur kepada Yang Memberi Rezeki..dan org yg mempunyai sifat DENGKI tu trgolong dlam golongan org yang tidak tahu bersyukur..

Oleh itu Ya Allah, ampun dosa2 besar dan dosa2 kecilku..sesungguhnya aku berterima kasih kepadaMU di atas semua kurniaan rezekiMU dan segala-gala pemberian pinjamanMU di dunia sementara ini dan Ya Allah jauhkan aku dari sifat2 DENGKI kerana itu adalah sifat org2 yang tidak tahu bersyukur padaMU..ThanK YOU ALLAH, Thank YOU ALLAH, Thank YOU ALLAH!! Alhamdulillah..

Friday, January 15, 2010

GoLD and BoLD

"They always come up to me and say," I want those shoes,
can i have yours?" " - Joanna Hayes

" I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty,"
Imelda Marcos

"I still have my feet on the ground, i just wear better shoes" - Oprah Winfrey

Thursday, January 14, 2010

PeRSonaLize it YouR waY..

Frens of mine said that i'm very into art-like im born with ability of making things look extra-ordinary in a creative way.. (hmm..ya ke?) As for me, art is my possession-somthing that i love very much..kind of way to express my feeling towards surrounding..and i like to see things in different ways..-if that's what people consider as being creative-lah..Huh, i dont is undefinable..very subjective..only those who understand will nod their head.

Actually what im trying to share here is that..everybody-pon can be creative..its just how u see things a lil bit diffrent from others..and turn it on to be somthing that reflect u-urself..

I get this pouch-make up bag for free when i bought EH! mag..
and tot its very boring without somthing IN"..So..i put this pink flower brooch on it..which is very me cause i love this pale pink color..and the flower means "Elle" (feminine) in me..See as simple as that.

Hmm..and this zebra print bag is only RM10 jer..get it during Avon stock clearance yg Kak Moon buat kat office. Used it as my daily make up bag..and again its just a plain boring bag that i pimp it with a black rose brooch and make it extra girly"..even now it looks a bit over kan? an evening bag plak..So frens, why dont you try it urself..personalize it ur way!

"The InVisibLe FrienD"


This is what C called his “Invisible Fren”. I don’t know. We don’t take it seriously actually…but it come to our notice that there’s a nite (like 3 to 4 days a week) whre C will stand on a couch or go to the corner of the hall, acting like a Tarzan (with hand beside his mouth) shouting for “Chitakk”.

At first we thought he just play around..Come on, it’s normal-lah kan for kids at his age (that time-16 months) to play by his own, talking to themselves..but as I comtinue to observed, I realized there exist two way communication between him and this “Chitakk”. I can see him nod his head or sometime kind of like asking questions (oh I wish I can understand them) and touching, tickling, running, jumping with each other.

The thing is..Chitakk came when only C called for it..usually right after Maghrib and it doesn’t care whether we wre there-stay along with C. Its just that when my husband was not around, (stay up at the office, gone to class, pegi main futsal,bowling etc) I noticed that this invisible fella will stay a bit least until my husband reach home. U know, kind of like a “guardian” and something like that.

Not only that, if let say that nite Chitakk came n play, the next morning, Chitakk will send C to school too..Sound ridiculous i know..but when we reached my office-back gate, C will wave his hand and said "Taa Chitakkkk..," (goodbye) or call out "Chitakkk," and pointed to the gate..smpai my husband jokingly said.."Aik, dia pon antar Carliff pi skolah jugak..,"

But of course, as an Islam..even we trust that there exist “The Others” among us..we still had to get rid of this thing as we cannot be fren with them, and we don’t know what’s their intention or reason why they are here. My biggest concern/worries is that.. what if this Chitakk is an evil or a ginnie..or bunian and would like to be fren with C? (SubhanaAllah..apalah I merepek ni..pkir yg bukan2..)

One more thing about this invisible fren is that..eventho I can feel the existing of it in our house, like one kind of entity around us, I don’t feel anything weird/scary bout it. Kan ker..kalau kita rasa pelik skit..bulu roma kita meremang kan…rasa seram ke…tapi this Chitakk bring nothing like that. If let say I performed solat in the back room, this spooky fren also don’t mind being in the same room and reciting Yaasin just make both of them (think so) sit still, flipping books together while asking each other questions..(U know, macam ada org lain..Cuma tak nampak rupa je..)

So..eventho I ni seorang yang penakut yg amat, for the good sake of my son I have to be brave..(konon)..if let say I saw C starts to talk with Chitakk..i will quickly calling him, asking him questions..and left everything behind just to play with him..cause I realize when he need my intention n I don’t entertain him (with due to bziness of handling house work and cannot handle both at the same time) -that’s when he merajuk n call out for like my hsbad told me..eventho Chitakk don’t disturb us and may be just stop by to make fren, i have to be alert and focusing more on C to ensure that he’s with me instead of entering Chitakk world..(just in case)..

But today Alhamdulillah, I hear nothing about Chitakk anymore. C had stop calling him since last two months and everytime when I ask him where’s Chitakk, he replied back by saying “Tak dakk,”. And last nite when he asked me to play with him..while im bz at the kitchen, dgn tak sengaja i terjawab.."May be u shud call chitakk..." then pause..err.."U know..,if u miss him," n again he replied me “Tak dakk..”

I think may be Chitakk had found a new fren somewhere else.."Err..did ur son have a fren call Chitakk lately..??"

Monday, January 11, 2010

Main MasaK-MasaK

Weekend-the only days i spend myself sweat in the kitchen..and the dishes..upon request, n dpend on wat we have in a fridge jer..heheh..

Ayam Masak Kicap
(my husband's most fav)

Sayur Pucuk

Udang Goreng Kunyit

Akhirnya berjaya memasak Sambal Ikan Kembong
exactly same taste like MIL's..Fuhh!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

AppRoachinG 2 years younG..

My dear C's goin to celebrate his 2 YEARs Birthday
in March 6th. That's quite soon kan? Gosh..!!

Im quite emotional accept the fact that he's getting bigger (n im getting older!)
Ntahlah..sometime mommy even think..
Later, when u grow up, would u still hug me n said
"Tayangggg..(Sayang)" like u used to do it before?
If not Mommy taknak lah Carliff besar..n B my Baby forever!!
Waaa...Sedih sangat!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wat The....??

Memulakan Tahun Baru dengan mode sentimental-berhabis masa di katil saja selain lalok menelan ubat sakit kepala..disebabkan demam selsema yg tak berkesudahan dan keperitan sakitnya kerongkong..membuatkan waktu bergerak perlahan..

Mungkin perubahan cuaca yang tak menentu menerbitkan mentari di waktu siang dan membawa mendung berarak kelabu menjelangnya malam..dan juga terkadang mendatangkan hujan rahmat di pagi buta mengendong anak dan payung ke tempat kerja dan berkipas panas kala tiba waktu merebah badan melelapkan mata..(Wahh, bahasa..oh ya SPM A1 ya..)

Selain itu berdebar sungguh akhir-akhir ini..tunggu dan lambat..perit dan penat..dan ternyata keputusan negatif beerti tiada rezeki menanti buat kami..tak mengapalah kerana Tuhan pasti menjanjikan yg terbaik suatu hari nanti..Yakini itu kerana yg merancangnya kita..Dia yang tentukan segalanya! Apa dikisah orang yg sibuk bertanya..

Di tempat kerja semua masih seperti biasa..sibuk, buat2 sibuk, menyibuk dan penyibuk sentiasa ada.. Isnin riuh bagai broker pasaran saham..Jumaat petang sunyi dan semua hilang...dan kisah drama hot belaka..hahah.. Fantastik dan Plastik! - Mengapa manusia suka bermuka-muka?

Oh Cinta Mati akhirnya bersuara..hati gulana merasa lega..ternyata ramalan silap belaka..masih berbaki perasaan sayang itu..jauh di pelusuk kalbu..hanya itu yg mahu ku tahu, percayalah hanya setakat itu..yg lain tak penting bagiku!!

~CINTA Mati~

Mulan Jameela feat. Mitha The Virgin

"hai sahabatku, jangan pernah
merebahkan kesalahanmu
pada semua yang kau anggap
merebut kekasih hatimu
mencuri pasangan jiwamu

* dan sesungguhnya bila kamu
kehilangan cinta sejatimu
itu semua karna kamu
tak sungguh-sungguh pelihara
dan menjaga cinta matimu

cinta mati harus dijaga sampai mati
jangan sampai ke lain hati
nanti jadinya patah hati
hati-hati menjaga hati
mata hati"

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