Sunday, December 26, 2010

~~SpeciaL DeLiveRy~~

My beautiful Baby Princess


is safely delivered today at 24 December 2010

9.30 am, weight 2.65 kg @

Pearl Maternity Hospital, Penang

Alhamdulillah, TQ Allah,

TQ all 4 ur doa n prayers"

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

FaLsE ALaRm!

Saya - been rushed to Pearl Maternity on the 19th December 2010, Sunday at 10.30pm
with due to 10-15 mins contractions + minor bleeding + 2cm floating stages.

Unfortunately, as the pain stop after 8hrs and the opening is yet to progress, i've been discharged out on the next day- Monday, 2oth Dec at 10.30am.

(Alaa, ingatkan dah bleh dodoikan baby C dah malam tu..
Daddy dah siap nak nyanyi lagu happy birthday tau!)

But Dr Rosita had warned me to be extra careful as it might be anytime from now-that i shud go back and land myself in labour room.

So, im now on MC till special delivery. But when is when sayangg??

Tapi serious boring la duduk rumah, yg nombo satu dah blik kampong, i think if im still hangin like this till Friday, im goin back to work on Monday laaa...ok tak?? kot2 bila bz buat keja, jalan2 turun naik ofis 4 tgkat tu, cepat skit kott..kann??

twO hot buNs at the PaRty

Currently happening on the 18th December 2010
Saturday Nite Fever

BFF- is now 5 months pgnant
Me- gemoks 55kg at 38 weeks!
(baju ngembang trpaksa pegang, heh!)
The rest three just got back their postnatal body!
jealous iii~

Kak hira, BFF, Yours truly, May Misha & Hanyza

Sunday, December 5, 2010

~HuJaN KeLaBu~

Hujan yang kelabu
Bawalah pesanku pada kamu..
yang tidur lena mimpikan bintang2 surga
agar kau bangun mengingati aku dan kami
yang setia menanti dan merindui..

Hujan yang kelabu
Awan yang berarak kosong
Bawalah deritanya pergi..
yang sedih melara di dalam sukma
agar bila kau bangun nanti
tidak kau bawa kepedihan itu kembali..

Hujan lebat yang kelabu
Awan yang berarak kosong
Ribut yang datang mnyerbu
kejutkan dia bangun buat kami..
hilangkan lara di dalam hatinya..
agar setelah dia sedar nanti
tahu bhwa kasih kami abadi..

Tidak siapa tahu cerita asalnya
yang di bawa pergi brsama mimpi
tidak kami tahu apa yg benar2 trjadi..

Duhai hati brkalung nestapa
janganlah dia tidur dalam sedih dan hiba
Moga2 dia benar2 lihat bintang di surga
satu impian kami berdua
yang tercipta dlm kenangan kami bersama

By : Shaferrihaiza



25 Dec 1981-3 Dec 2010


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ladies, COACH is coming to GEoRgetown!!

I feel so bless that despite my 'stay home-go work-sleep-eat' condition, i've been surrounded by lovely people-fashion informer that wud texts me, call me, and updates me bout wats is happening around-specially up n down of YES in Penang..
One thing that really ring the bell is-

COACH BOUTIQUE is opening in Georgetown!!!!

Yeap, the first ever designer label that would hit Penang!
It would be at the 1 Avenue-new, latest fashion mall in town
and the boutique is so far still under renovation and targeted to be launch asa
New Year!!! (betul ke??) Wohuuu..

Ok, ok, i know, i wont be around during that time, thanks to u for boo-ing me (heyyy, i'll make a come back wif mini me, ok!!!) but im sooooo happy and glad enuf to share this info with all Coach freaks out there!! I wish u all Happy Spending and have a fashionable life style in Penang!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

HeLLo DeceMBeR!

Hello December,
Nice meeting you again,
i just love the feeling when you are here..
the great year end bonus (Alhamdulillah),
breeze of Y.E.S (wooopiiiiee),
wonder of holidays (eventho this year cannot go to KL),
and heyyy December,
you are joining us to welcome our lil one soooooonnnnnn!!


Holidays...Merry Christmas!

Lil bundle of joy is on her wayy...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Slamat HaRi Jadi kanDa!

(eceh, ceh ceh...)

Haaa? Apa diaaaa? Kanda tanya kenapa Dinda letak gambar
kita loving gila?
Of course la..sbb nak amik hati Kanda..
bukan ka Kanda nak bawa Dinda ke Hong KOng pula?
Hahaha..Kanda belom tau ka sapa Dinda?
Pembodek dan pembebai yang no 1 di hati Kanda..
Tapi xpalah Kanda, Dinda mengerti suara hati Kanda..
biarpun Kanda x abis2 menjaja HK
antara kota fesyen hebat dunia..huh!
biarlah Dinda brkorban untuk anak-anak kita..
Dinda duduk di rumah aja, Kanda pergilah bersuka ria..

:( (anyway u peeps, he might be travelling to
HK this coming year
and im goin to be a very good stay home mom's-sob, sob, sob)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

RapunzeL upDATEd

Manage to fulfilled my wish on Saturday-27 Nov 2010
to meet Rapunzel, Flynn and the gangs..
Our show at 4pm-GSC, Qbay Mall (mana lagi kannn?)

They are soooo sweet together

Maximus the horse that love apples :))

Pascal -Rapunzel BFF
super Cute, adorable, loyal
i sukaaaaa when he change colors!

Wakaka..cute sgt si Pascal niii!
and Flynn Rider ehem,,

Flynn - funny, handsome and charming!!

My fav la la land (berangan)

TQ Carliff n Daddy-wat a wonderful day we hve..
This show may be our last movie date together as three..
pasni we hve to train lil baby C plak..
so that she can well behave just like u..
And u guys kena cepat2 gi tgok crita ni -Mesti tonton tawww!!

(all pixxies above Google-d)

Friday, November 26, 2010

GooD foR moMMy & Baby

TQ Rima :) for the email u sent me. Hmm..well, to answer you, during my first prgnancy, im taking Pramilet all wayyy round..memang slalu pening..but towards the end..ok, i survived jugak. And for this time, i amik New Obimin and Obimin Pluz..and somthing for sure, not to forget, a dose of Vitamin C every single days.

Im taking this during my first trimester. New Obimin.

U can get this at RM49/RM45 per box. I started taking this during my second trimester till end of prgnancy (4 mos n above). Bagos n highly recommended sbb selain dri mngandungi segala keperluan yg diperlukan oleh both mom's n baby, OP also contains EPA & DHA (Omega 3- yg terdapat dlm ikan air sejuk dan bagos untuk prkembangan otak baby)

For more info ; Read Here!

My daily dose- Cebion Vitamin C
RM 30-per box

For my tummy skin plak, i used Ezerra Cream untk mghilangkan rasa only RM 24/25g, seriously, this wonder cream works like magic!! i've been intoduce to this cream by my gynae during my first pregnancy..and when i noticed that im having my second one, i wait no longer to grab this asap.

However my dear, for better result, i suggested u to get a pail of 500gm Aqua Cream-which i get from Pantai Hospital to used it during day time. Trust me, i only had a line of stretch marks this time around compared to few 'land line' masa pregnant-kan Carliff dulu.

Have a safe prgnancy u gurl! ;)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

in HeR LouboutiN~

Hve u guys grab elatest version of inTrend Mag this mos?
Front Cover ; Fabulous Fazura!!

Husband balik ngan muka suka one nite wif a pack of mags in his hand smbil beri soklan cepu mas,

Hubby : I beli mjalah kat u (ayat wajib tiap ujung bulan)

Me : Glam? Siapa cover?

Hubby : InTrend, cepat teka siapa cover?

Me : I malas la u nak main teka2, i xlarat, nak p tidok.. ;(
(serious xdak mood)

Hubby : (Clown face) Tadaaaaaaaaaaa..Oh My Gucci!

Me : Weiii, Fazura, i looike! (xjadi tido..terus grab the mag and baca cover story)
Ish, lawa gila kasut dia uuuu, serious, lawa!! Alaa..dia xckap la wat brand...hampeh!

Hubby : Dia bawak kasut sndiri kot, dia kan high class..tak main aaa kasut pinjam,

Me : May be, Tpi slalu diorng nanti tulis tau, own collection, ni xdak pon..( i keep on flipping pages till end n sudenly...) Oh wait, shut up!!

Hubby : Apa2?? (Buat2 sibuk, walhal xsabar take turn nak baca, ehem dia sukaaaaaaaaaaa Fazura ok! Like, sangat suka!!)

Me : Betol la u ckap, she bring her own shoes to the shoot! Boots cover depan ni OmGucci, and the one dia pakai kat sini, Goshhhh, its Louboutin!! Youuu....tidakkkkkkk! Dia sangat style...!!! Pastukan u, Louboutin ni first time she pakai for this shoot..adoiiiii, indahnya hidup dia uuuuuuuuuu....

Hubby : Ok, tdi u kata ngantuk kan, meh i baca plak, u p tidok..heheh..

Me : Huh, nah la..layan la..ish, ish...i just love her!!

My Husband-giving me another reason to love him much!!!
If u tot dia nampak pendiam-No, No, No, u r wrong sbb dia ckap byak n sunggoh lawak di umah. N yess, dia penasihat fashion trbaik dan pngkritik hebat i masakini. Kadng2 i sndiri tak sangka bila gossip pasal siapa2 dngan dia-ini jawabnya..
"Hmm..bag dia lawa, tpi fake punya..,"
smpai mulut i trnganga, fake tak fake dia tau jugaaaa...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

watchu WiSHing for?

If u remember bout this entry-hadiah dri hubby kerana telah melahirkan zuriat yg comel, just recently i've been shooted by 'most awaited question'-

Hubby : Second baby ni u nak apa?

Me : (perasaan-rasa mcm nak lompat tinggi2, walhal xleh, so i clap my hand happily)

Hubby : If u can get back to ur figure, zaman u pkai jeans koyak dulu, i'll buy you this slim fit, see, ada swarovski pink n red lagii..

Me : Masih x jawab tapi brckap dlam hati (Haperrr? Jeans i yg koyak kat lutut tu? U ingat lagi? begitu style kah aku dulu? sblom mnjadi mkcik2 begini, hahah..huh, mentang2 tnya soklan dlm kedai Levi's, nak beli jeans je..tgok skit price,..........huh, bleh bli sndiri!)

"Eleh, mcm i gemok sgt, I xmau, jeans i bleh bli sndiri,"

Hubby : (He grin) Pastu u nak apa? Blackberry?

Me : Tu pon i bleh bli sndiri..dah nak ckup pon i simpan duit nak beli BB after birth nanti..(dengan nada poyo xingat!!)

Hubby : Then u nak apa?

Me : Nanti2 lah, xdak mood nak ckap now..(sebenarnya, i betul2 xbrsedia nak jwb soklan u tu..)

Ye kawan2, till today, i still dont have an idea on wat to pawww him as my-second time mommy present..Magic kan, sbb i yg suka shop ni xtau nak beli apa..ntah, my be sbb i suka perabis duit sndiri dari mengikis ghe'ta suami kott,..heh! Ntah!

Sebenarnya dgar dia tnya soklan tu pon dah buat i kembang least he know how to thank me, appriciate me, dan yg penting dia tulus mulus ikhlas, kannnnn? rajin plak tu, segak brgaya hingga mnjadi pujaan ramai lagi, aicehh..(sooo.....brpa org anak u nak u ckap hari tu? hahahah)

Hmmm...Anyway, may b just a handbag, or another time piece again~Any idea peeps?

MoMMy, i'LL see u Soon...

As im already 34 weeks now, (weight 55kg n my baby is-2kg-weee), i kno my time will come very2 soon..if this lil girl are same timing wif her bro Carliff, (he came out 20 days early) then i only have 4 weeks left..(dushh, rasa nak pengsan, haha), and if she's a bit shy then my gynae said it can be drag till January 6th (wat?? buat2 heran, walhal syiok, dpt 3 mos ML, hahaha)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Luna Maya - Suara Ku Berharap

By listening to this song, i can tell that she's sooo in love wif Ariel..
Ignore bout controversy n all, Love is blind!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lets Celebrate Aidil Adha by saying Alhamdulillah

"Ucaplah Alhamdulillah,
syukur kita kepada Allah,"

Too L^sT in YOU - sugababes

You look into my eyes
I go out of my mind
I can't see anything

Cos this love's got me blind
I can't help myself
I can't break the spell
I can't even try

I'm in over my head
You got under skin
I got no strength at all

In the state that I'm in
And my knees are weak
And my mouth can't speak

Fell too far this time

Baby, I'm too lost in you

Caught in you
Lost in everything about you

So deep, I can't sleep

I can't think
I just think about the things that you do (you do)

I'm too lost in you (Too lost in you)

ooh Well you whispered to me
And I shiver inside

You undo me and move me

In ways undefined
And you're all I see
And you're all I need
Help me baby (help me baby)

Help me baby (help me now)

Cos I'm slipping away

Like the sand to the tide
Falling into your arms

Falling into your eyes

If you get too near
I might disappear
I might lose my mind


Baby, I'm too lost in you

Caught in you

Lost in everything about you

So deep, I can't sleep
I can't think

I just think about the things that you do (you do)

I'm too lost in you
(Too lost in you)

I'm going in crazy in love for
you baby
(I can't eat and I can't sleep)
I'm going down like a stone in the sea
Yeah, no one can rescue me
(No one can rescue me)
Oooh, my baby
Oooh, baby, baby

Baby, I'm too lost in you

Caught in you

Lost in everything about you

So deep, I can't sleep

I can't think
I just think about the things that you do (you do)
I'm too lost in you
I'm lost in you
I'm lost in you
I'm lost in everything about you
So deep (so deep),
I can't sleep
I can't think
I just think about the things that you do (you do)
I'm too lost in you
(Too lost in you)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Date WiF RapuNZeL

As its getting close now,
before my very long "vacation",
dan melalui kepantangan" yg agak lama untuk mjauhi
Shopping Mall (oh NOO!!)
my last request would be...

A Family Date wif Pretty Princess RAPUNZEL

(Lepas ni sure lambat plak nak gi theater kan?
Only if, u my dear are well behave as ur brother then
its sure gonna be FuN-tastic FoUR time!!
Yipeeee..If not, kita kena tggu DvD lah jwbnya yea nak??
or Daddy tggal kita kat umah n bawak Carliff je pegi..
waaaaaaaa... )

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Are-Ish MC No-naLd pliss..

"Mommy, are ish Lalish,"
(Ice cream Carliff)

Evrytime, everywhre when he see the big red yellow M sign, he'll shout,
"MC No Nald!!!" (Mc Donald)

Then buat muka comel askin

"Mommy, tom opping?" (Mommy jom shopping,)

"Shopping? Daddy u dengar dak anak u ajak p mana,?"

"Apa opping2?" Daddy said.

"Daddy, tom opping, MC No Nald,"

"Carliff nak makan apa kat Mc Donald?" Daddy asked.

"Are ish, fries, yeayyyyyy," (Ice cream, fries)

We both look at each other, then automatically pointing finger

"Anak u!!, hahahha"

"Hmm, layannnn nyaaa,"


"Finishhh, abisss,"

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