Wednesday, December 2, 2009

WhOse that yuMMy BaseBaLL staR?

OM Gucci, Is it Brian McCann from the Braves? OH wait, is he..the Dodgers, Rusell Martin?NO-lah..He's Carliff from the Stardorm..dont u know him? Hahah..

(May be u shud just stick to tennis-lah son,....u know, ur Dadi was sooo into King Fed and Mimi like Nadal..he's cute!!!)

"Its about the passion, serious talk la Mommy..when u hit the ball and run...,"

"and run, and the moment u touch the point-line..adrenaline rush, sweat..and all..bla,bla..,"

"Oh, i wish u can understand this Mimi..,"

"May be u shud come and join me and my coach could teach u how to swing then, Ok?"

Me - Lately im trying my very best to translate watever thing that come out from his (lil pink cute) mouth..God..he just cannot stop talking..and even demand for attention for whatever thing that he's trying to explain..of course, you know-lah kan, using his very own language seems pretty hard to understand, BUT yeahh, thats the best thing that ever happen to me lately..having lil munchkin mumbling around you..and trust me, most of the time, its funny tooo..!!!


sara ahmad said...

hi carliff.. aunty tertanya2, muka saper kah gerangan nyer ni.. ikut banyak mimi ker dd?? hmmm.. mata mimi ni.. :)anyway.. ckp mimi soh tgk youtube on nadal imitate some of the tenis stars.. kelakar.. ergg.. maybe mimi dah tgk kan?? :)

~ShaFeRLicioUS~ said...

Hello AUnty,
Hmmm..mcm muka Carliff laa..
Pinjam sket2 mimi ngan dd nyer..
Mata Aidan pon cam aunty gak kan??

Hey u fren..i dah tgok clip Nadal tu..God, im in love wif him laaa..hahah Xoxo!! miss u!!

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