Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Shuu Tantikkk," said Carliff

At the age of 21 months young, Carliff can differentiates between something clean and dirty, beautiful and ugly..and its started to show that he’s going to be someone really picky and fussy and particular like me..(oh tidak! Hopefully not 100% lah!)

Not to say that he can really understand about everything so well now..come on lah, he’s still a baby to me..but whenever he make his shirt dirty (after meal specially), he’ll come to me and asked to change for a new one..kadang2 kalau terpegang benda2 berhabuk ke (oh i never expect he will sneak under a cupboard)..he will quickly run to me and point to water that I understand that he need to wash his hand.

Thre’ also time when he will totally refuse to walk only because he has to go through a dirty surface..(eventho he’s wearing shoes, he ask me to carry him in order to avoid the dirt, huh!)..But as he enjoy jumping so much now, I told n make him understand that he can always jump over it..and lucky it works! Heheh..(budak2 sekarang sungguh bijak kan?)

Other than that, Carliff can really appreciates pretty things too..and even said “Tantikk..” to something that catch his eyes (paling tak tahan dia cakap “Kakak tantikk,” to this Levis boutique cashier yesterday-agak2 lah nak, dah la amoi, blonde plak tu, hadoiii).

On how he define cantik, instead of yellow, blue, and pink, he choose the yellow Ipanema Slipper below for himself..not bad kan? Kan?

Next time kalau jumpa dia, try lah tanya.. “Mimi cantik tak? Hahah”


hOOdedLicIOUS said...

U r lucky to have Baby C in ur arms..u dah tak payah usah2 ajar dia pasal hygiene ni suma..coz naturally dia dah tau..maybe coz of the mother (mimi)..

Drama Mama said...

cantiknya selipar tu. yummylicious yellow! nak beli gak.

oh he calls you mimi eh?

~ShaFeRLicioUS~ said...

yeah, like mimi, like son lorrr..hahah

Selipar yg kiut miut tuh bleh didapati di Royal Sporting, Qbay..
RM 35++..beli la satu kat irfan..sure dia sukerr..
Oh a yummy mimi by the way..hahah

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