Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Let'S PLaY TaG-TiG-TuG.."

Been TAG by my SIL : Saja jer Cik Na nih..SO lets get started..

1: First time jumpa your hubby bila dan kat mana?
(Oooo Emmm Geee...i lupa! Hahah..)
Bila ? Ok..8 years ago..Oh My Prada, that was longggggg..January, 2001..i study kat UiTM Merbok masa tuh..4th sem kot..
Kat Mana ? Sabai-Thai Restaurant, Central Square, Sg.Petani..
im wif my fren Diane n Sam..(Weh, kemana hilangnya dua orang nii skrg?)

2 : Love at first sight?

Cant say lar..it was my fren Diane who spot him first and asked me to look at him..n wat i notice bout him is just...........His Hair!!! (Looking long, soft n smooth! Kononnn..)

3 : Who is he when the first time u met him?

Sombody bfren, i guess??!! (He's having lunch wif a girl ok?)

4 : How long it takes for him to ask u out for a date?

A week after..ye kerr?? (I had this short memory symptom lately, -work stress!! so who to blame if i forget this?)

5 : First place dating?

McD, Central Square-lah! (Mana da port baik punya other than thre..during that time)

6 : How he proposed?

Via SMS!! Just the way Fahrin asked Scha in their Celcom Ad..-even same ayat..
"Jom Kawen?" and same answer.."Nakkk sngatttt..."
(Ahhh..jgan terpedaya..itupun slepas cobaan kali ketiga ya Tuan2/Puan2..Hahah, akibat dek penyakit rambang mata..dan perasan cun gila..Hahah)

7 : Special date with your hubby?

His Birthday : 30th November 1978
Meet : Jan 21st, 2001
Engaged: Disember 25th, 2004
Married : Mei 21st, 2005
Love Born : March 6th, 2008

8 : Changes that he asked you to do?

To cover my head after deliver my son (Dan..saya yg menurut perintah..)
To stop biting nails (Hihi..now im vanish freak!)

9 : What is about him that you love so much?

Just the way he is. Being him, every single day..and he's willing to accept me, just tha way i am. (Oh, im one of a kind that are not easy to please..ok) n His love toward fashion-thats a Bonus!)

10 : What is about him that you wish he would change?

Stop being "Overacting" bila marah, seriously

11 : You will lose your mind and crack your head when he..

Go crazy when he's angry..

12 : You will smile through your eyes for the whole day when he

Do best in Daddyhood, bought home somthing suprise for me..Oh he never fail to make me smile-(except when hes out of his mind)

13. Complete below sentences.."My love towards my hubby is as BIG as..WORLD!

14 : SO im TAGGing..

SARA-Mommy Qalif Aidan

ZOORA-Mommy Azzahraa

E-CAR-Mommy Eiymann

BAI-Mommy Irfan


sara ahmad said...

kikiki.. will try it.. macam menarik jer.. :) later i'll post mine..

ZOORA said...

agak dah .. aku sure kena.....

~ShaFeRLicioUS~ said...

Haaa..this is the only way i get to know another half of u..
and for the very first time i discover diffrnce between us..
that u prefer someone young..n i adore oldies..hahah..

~ShaFeRLicioUS~ said...

ala..bleh laaa..
citer la sket how ZZ makin it to share love life together2...

Drama Mama said...

haaa i've been tagged!! truthfully, i dun do tag la dear, rarely! my friends have all given up on tagging me, but this time i will do it. ;-p

~ShaFeRLicioUS~ said...

Chayok, chayok..come on Bai..
u can do it!!! Thanks yaa..

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