Monday, December 7, 2009

"JanGAn TinGGaL DaKuuuu....."

We are best known as The Fantastic Four..
(Approaching 5 years, like brother n sisters!)

Kak Ayu (end right)- (The Big Sister-not in term of size ye kak, measuring by age),
Me (u kno lah)- (The Fabulous One-Ahaks-blog i kan, suka ati i la la..)
Endang (2nd right)- (The Prettiest n super bzz among us all) and then come
Haimi (left)- (The Adik Kecik tapi palinG besOR!-hah, jgn nak sentap plak!)

Daily Routine-We always had Breakfast for Four-which is-our together2 time-every morning-never fail at 9am.
Except if Kak Ayu have to go for a site visit, n me n Haimi yg kekadang halfway makan dah kena call up, urgent, kena naik atas asap or sekali sekala terjebak dgn site visit jugak. And also Endang who always miss / and had an excuses for evry time she fail to turn up.

It is just lately that...we get Endang to join us once/twice a week (to get the complete quorum)Tu pun puas cipta ayat perli n buat morning call-ajak2 ayam wether she sudi tak makan dgn kitaorg (ever since she's been working in diff division n always bz/involve wif events, meeting people n etc). But, together as four, come wat may, we ll make sure that she catch up wif any news n updates regarding each of our life progress (bout what we do last weekend, wat movie, drama, Tv's, Fashion, Blog, music, etc n most important, the hot gossip that she must know!) via smses, mostly thru phone call. Itupun kekadang, after few days dia tak join kitorg makan, she's like totally lost (wif what we are up to).

Me-i spend my working hours wif both- Big sister n Adik Kecik (Bdan BesOR)- Yes, the three of us are in the same division-she's on my left, and he sit behind me. Doing slightly diff thing, but involving the same subject.
Eventho, there are/most of the time when three of us get bz wif our own thing, really focusing on our own business.. there are fun part when we sit together, whre we make ourselves at home..sembang/ketawa tak hingat dunia..i got a feeling n wish that we'll always gonna be together, forever...
Until one fine started to become a nitemare when....
Haimi & Kak Ayu come out with their decision to leave me..A.L.O.N.E!!!!!

Can u 5 years..we meet, we work, we discuss, we eat, we laugh, we cry, we fight, we play games, we go shopping, we gossip, we kutuk,ngumpat, we curse, we see each other almost everyday, together2..and out of sudden they are goin to leave ME...????!!!! Oooo-Emm-Geee..Double U-Tea-Heish goin happen to me??

Believe me- i had no answer untill now..(Blank!!)

Yeah..u can said - i still got super bz BFF Endang with me...but here, in this very division, i think its goin to be EMPTY..! Zero effect!! No More Drama..No More US!! Waaaaaaaaaa.....

Im gonna MISS all this kind of Daily Drama
(Plis take note that this conversation are among
Org Melake, Org Kedah & 2 Org Penang)

"Akak suker naww citer tuh dikk..hero dia handsome,"

" Huh, tak elok lah..mulut bebeh ja, handsome pa nya...,"

"Kalau ko tak caye, tepon Endang skrg..sure dia pon suker..
caya la ckap kitaorg nii..,"

"Heheh, Kak Endang, Kak Ayu n Kak Aiza ni bleh ka dok
kata hero crita tu handsome,
Haaaaa? Apaaa?? Hish, hampa ni mmg tak dak taste laa.."

"Haaa..kan Akak dah cakap, Endang pon sure sukerr nyerr,
Sat kite p makan bleh crita ngan dia dlam keta.."

" Tu la..dia mmg taste-kita laa, sukaaaaa,"

Off Topic : Me - "Hampa dua ni dah pikiaq abisss kaa?"

FYI : Haimi n Kak Ayu are goin to leave me very-very soon..Sedihhhhh!!!!


org blkg hg said...

wow...lot of thing happened will i am not around!!!

ZOORA said...

wehh depa nak pi manaaaaaaaaa??????

~ShaFeRLicioUS~ said...

Org Blakang..
nothing happen lar..citer dah lapok pon..

They r goin to resign..waaaa..

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