Friday, December 11, 2009

"IF U Go To a Nite MaRket, Plis Say HeYLoW to This Lil TauKeh"

Whenever we Balik Kampung, Carliff have 3 bags on tow..Cloth bag, Milk bag n Toy bag..(Fuhh!) but still out of everything-his fav toys/books that we bought back..he choose to play wif somthing more REAL..-umbrella, spoon, Tv-Astro remote, his Pak Tok vases, broom, car keys, DVD's, magazines, carpet brush..u name it!- (im no longer baby la Mommy..give me somthing real n fun!!)..

So..while trying to figure out somthing that bring no harm to this boy and at the same keeping him bz while im helping my IL preparing lunch, he, himself come out wif idea to play with his Nani basins..which is owh..OK..thats interesting..(prob solve!) Hmmm...but still i need to entertain him that keep on asking (in his own language..kekonon nak jual basin tu kat ii..kik kik!) this and that..but trust me, i know that he's having fun!! (If i had a gurl..mesti bole main masak2 kannn?)

" Mau beli basin kaaa?"

"Red karer pun ader.."

"Small size ader.."

"Aiyakk..mau bizness pon susah, tarak bizness lagi susah.."

1 comment:

ZOORA said...

banyak nya besen carlif.. auntie nak pinjam satu dua bleh kaaaa .. sewa saje boleh ka taukeh

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