Thursday, December 17, 2009

CARLiFF's soooo NATE larrr..hahah..

If u are HUge fan of Gossip GirL..then NATE need no introduction..but of course there's a story behind this Mommy SS"-PoY0' post tittle..Hahah..

It started lately..wif this dilemma drama between us two wether to cut C's hair or not .. far..C had only one experience visiting Hair Salon..(other than that, Nanny kat skolah jer yg tolg trim-kan) As a mom, i had no problem at all on getting his hair short or long..

But something for sure..a bOy must look like a BOy-lah he's already start attending class, soo..short hair is kind of typical skul boy style..(smart n discipline maaa..)

If to keep it only concern is just when he sweat..(God, this boy of mine keep on jumping n running like fun factory) specially at nite..before goes to bed, he will scratch his head, kind of feeling not comfortable with the wet sweat hair..(eventho i bubble his hair almost everyday..n even somtime tied it Samurai style..hahahah)..other than that, i dont mind at all..

Thre's time when we discuss bout this, hubby came out with idea of making his hair Maddox-Brangelina style..but looking at C hair type..i dont think its goin to work (C had a very soft, straight, brown, baby hair) and its ridiculous to get it stand like Maddox using hair cream n wat so we keep on postponing his visit to salon till lately..i received an email from Nia saying..

"Hey..Carliff's hair looks like Nate larr..i mean so messy sexy yummy boy,"
and i goes.."Really?? Cute kan..?"
and hubby last few week also,
"U perasan tak rambut Carliff mcm rambut Nate? Ada style-lah!"
and im like.."Hmmm..mmg best lah..hihi!,"
and my SIL-Kak Su pon ckap..
"Carliff..cheaaa..rambut dia macm Nate larrrr...,"
and me-" Tu laaa,"

So frens, wat say you?
To Nate or Not To Nate?


ZOORA said...


ZOORA said...

tak de pilihan ke beb

CIK NANA said...

hehe, budak cumel yg kicik...

~ShaFeRLicioUS~ said...

To Nate : biar jer panjang..
Not to Nate : potong lerr..
tu la pilihannya mama zoora

Kak Chik..
dan busyuk masyam..hahah

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