Friday, November 6, 2009

the MoMMy SHoeS

Ive been eyeing for a pair of mommy shoes ever since Carliff start his first step (exactly on the nite of his birthday) but still until now (even he can do the chicken run, home run..hahahah) I dont even have one!

Cause I think….its ok for me to chase him out with my heels (they been saying my killer heels). Let alone the status, i still wanna look gorgeous with lil man around me. (Victoria, remember?)

However, few months back, I had included this mommy shoes in my wanted list as once a while I wanna be quite layback and relax specially when it comes to certain event like taking him for story telling session at Borders.

Among my favourite are :

Nine West - I found exactly the same design of shoes like pix above during my visit to OU last year..(lama punya crita-lah ni). Its in black and super stylish..(im so in love with the roses part in front..i wish i can had every single color of them!!! Gerammm!) But unfortunately its out of my size 38..(me-frust sangat smpai xlalu nak makan...)

Aldo - among the one that I want..Really want !! (sampai balik umah tak bleh tido asik pikir bout my Aldo pair and Amri plak dah bosan dengar I cakap pasal Aldo (he adress Aldo as-Mr Mc Dreamy Shoes..i looike! haahahah). But its just that im not lucky enuf this time around too. The pattern and color that I adore most is out of stock and even I go with the black one they didn’t have my size..and that’s in both Qbay and Gurney Mall (I rasa macam nak nangis sangat2 laaa).

Crocs - Wow! This super cute brand name quite a hits among mommies nowaday…u can see colorful crocomommies almost everywhere. And lately they are also crocodadies and crocofamilies too..(comel!) But as everyone has wearing it for ages..i think it’s a bit too late and boring for me to just get started.. (See if they got new pattern coming out this Christmas..definately i'll grab one !)

Primavera - I just saw it last week during my short visit to Qbay last two days..and Yeah, im goin to get it ASAP..i just lov the injection of glam elements with diamonte pattern on it..and it comes in my fav beige color that is very very Shaferlicious. (Wah!)

But, as I had a chance to shop in Pavillion last two weeks..i hve found my ultimate mommy shoes..and she’s from……….


Whats your choice of mommy shoes?

Zura : I know u r one of the crocomommies..suker!
Oh Sara, it would be fun if we can go and shop for mommy shoes-and thingy winggy together-gether kan? I really miss you laaa…hugs plisss…


ZOORA said...

haa, dah ku agak dah pi kolumpo ni mesti shopping kat pavillion.. hahah... selamat datang ke zaman kasut flat.. :D
carlif is a good boy before this, haa.. nanti tungggu dia pandai hilang dari pandangan.. then pandai meronta di khalayak ramai.. haa.. mas tu bye bye la kasut tinggi purple. heheh :D

~ShaFeRLicioUS~ said...

Zura : well, u can tell..hahah..
yes, TQ..go go FLATinians! :)
Hmmm..dia dah pandai buat drama sebabak pon..siap aksi kuak lentang di Toys R us..heheh..
im just sooo in love with my stilettos..cant help it!!

e-caR NazRin aka ibuEiymann said...

i suke CROCS klu travel jauh.. n kena byk, klu nk sopeng smbil dukung Eiymann, i heart my 3 inch. Guess Gwanaavah..10 jam duk dlm mall pun xper..dis is my ultimate-mommy-shoes..hehe..

off topic:
i bru prasan yr son's name is CARLIFF..u know wat, i mmg simpan nama nie (same spelling) fr my 2nd-son-to-be..reason..?? coz its start wif CARliff (my name is e-caR rite)..n nama tu ade 7 huruf.. my feveret no..dats y my son's name is EIYMANN (7 huruf kan).. hehe..n lg satu, i mmg suke nama2 yg spelling nyer unik..

~ShaFeRLicioUS~ said...

e-Car dear,
hmm..i dah pi survey kat Crocs Boutique smalam..i had one that really catch my eyes lah..ya ya, believe me i get what u mean, mommy can still look gorgoes with handy lil man..kan?? soooo into art..tak kisahlah ia dtg dlam apa jua bentuk dan paras rupa apepun..even sombody name kalau pelik n unik lagi la i suka..i dont mind if u still wanna used that name for your second one..(eh u pregger ker?) anyway..i've already have one secret name for my future baby..(berangan..) and its also start wif capital "C"..heheheh..

Drama Mama said...

i saw one of those roses inspired shoes kat CnK the other day. tapi ada heels sikit not even 2 inches kot i think, they're sooooo pwetty in pink! I so want them badly! hehe

~ShaFeRLicioUS~ said...

ye ke? kat mana? bleh i pegi tgok..sure i suka jugak..

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