Saturday, October 10, 2009

WateR BabY

Di Rumah Pak Tok & Nani, Sg Petani

There he goes WateR BaBy..

Evening-Second Raya Day

Status Mode : Getting Started

Carliff Say : Weee

I want moreeeee...

Lets get wet..!!!

Is this the right way to swim?

Status Mode : Excited!

Meet Mr Life Guard!

Carliff Say : Oh im big already la Dad..

i can take care of myself...

Daddy Say : May be i can just look after you from Up Up here..Heheh

Here come Lady Gaga.Hahah

Status Mode : Im in charge now!

Mommy Scream : Waaawww..i dont wanna get wetttttttttt!

Mommy Say : Enuf la..pliss..can we go inside now?

Morning-Third Raya Day

Happy Hour wif Abg Iman & Kakak Amna

Cousins get together time!

This is howWie do it

I wonder what baby cousin Saif is doing now?? Haa?


CIK NANA said...

iman nmpk mcm big bro.. dh besar dia.. :) hepi time! suka cikna tengok.. even cikna dan bb saif tiada dlm gambar.. tggu ye, nanti2 insya Allah kita gather rmi2. :)

ZOORA said...

apsal carliff tak pakai swim trunk sexy tu?? hehehhe life gueard 2 orang tu ... apsal tak pakai mcm life guard baywatch?:D

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