Monday, September 28, 2009

RaYa CandiD Pixxies

Oh sometime bila tgok gambar2 candid kita rasa cam nak gelak tak hingat dunia pon ada..Hahah..i laugh myself out loud when i saw some of this..(hodoh, buruk n funny) but sometime it can really bring u close back to the memory..(so sweet dat we are able to get together once a year..i just wish Kak Chik was there too..) Anyway enjoy..(Amaran : Saya rasa saya nampak buruk sangat!!! Kann?? dan semestinya orang di sekeliling yg saya sayangi nampak begitu cantik dan menarik!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

SpaGhetti anyOne?

As been requested by Lovey Dovey..i made this spaghetti for break-fast during last Ramadhan..and today we had it again..(like tak penah jemu if makan hari2 pon..) Yeah..i called this lazy dishes for lazy wife like me..(Cuba lah call cakap nak datang raya kat umah, for sure the same one you will seee..Hahah)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

This SexY shoes..

She : Pssstt..hey u..

Me : Who? Me?

She : Yes, You..

Me : You mean..u talk to me??

She : Yeah, you..

Me : What?

She : Buy Me! Buy Me!

Me : Oh, But i just got myself the two new..

She : Im diffrent, im sexy n classy..Try me, try me..

Me : oH, u do? Ok OK..Hmmm..

She : Soo..?

Me : Ok.

She : What?

Me : Let's bring u home..

She : Yipee...

Me : I know where to to wear u..

Hottie! I waNt aLL of TheM!

Just came back from Gurney..bought two pairs of shoes...

Fav of all time

But still craving for more like this hottie below :
I wantttt every color of them..
Sampai tak lena tidur malam..Hihi..

Friday, September 25, 2009

She CoPieD Me!!!

Now what shuld I called her? It was soo typical to address her Miss CopyCat..Hmm wat about Dewy Tiru? Sangat sesuai dengan attitude-nya yang menjadikan I Idola (Wah!) dan suka meniru! (Erghhh, I don’t care, I wanna make it loud this time!)..

U know, I memang baik hati (tak kisah apa orang cakap, accussed..wat ever, I bising-bising kat blakang dengan kawan-kawan I jer..tak penah sampai tahap serang tarik rambut sgala bagai..cause I believed that kampong attitude was really not worth it..not really me..totally not me..even sesunggohnya I orang kampong sejati- Ok, im on PMS and emotionally unstable..hahah).

When she came out with her very own blog..(she didn’t give me her blog url, I only noticed bout it when she drop me comments) i tot yeah, this must be fun..cause more and more of my frens start blogging (Wat a party will be)..But still I don’t even bother to visit hers…until one day, while blog hopping..i bump into hers and…scream..

“ Gosh…uuuuu..dia tiruu iiiiii,” which make my husband run from the kitchen and goes
“ Laa..macam ni punya orang pon ada kaa? Siap tiru cara u amik gambar iii!!!”

Seriously, naik meremang bulu roma I baca her blog entries..the language..MasyaAllah..Look, I know she’s trying her very best to be herself..which is OK, I understand..No poker face involved..but plis, plis, mind your language..Bahasa Melayu kita bahasa yang cukup cantik dan indah..and plis don’t simply ruin it..dengan kata-kata yg kasar..smpai naik fed up, kerut dahi, geleng kpala nak baca..i don’t know wat u people may say about me after this (Perasan bagus ke apa..?) but..from my opinion, wat we said, the way we express things in our blog will reflects who we are in real life..

As blog is a personal chronological log of thoughts published on a Web page, connecting u and out side world..people will judge u straight away the moment they reach the first phrase..and it often show the personality of the author. (Kan I dah start kasi lecture...try me lah weh!..heheh) So no matter how transparents u are trying to be..just be careful OK..orang lain pon pakai bahasa pasar tunggang langgang jugak..but still in a pleasant way..dengan anak-anak specially, tolonglah jaga bahasa kita”..Now enuf bout subject bahasa..

Back to case bengang dengan Dewy Tiru nih, I think she’s kind of lack of ideas on what to write in her blog..cause she keep on copying my ideas..u know sampai I really fed up
and naik juling baca her posts
(terpaksa baca jugak sbb nak investigate)..

If let say today I came out with the pixs of me n my family went to this “Kedai Bunga”..two three days after for sure she went to the same “Kedai Bunga” jugak..the same kedai brand, but different branch pon jadilah..

If I bought this kind of shoes..sooner or later she’ll bought the same pattern and post in her blog jugak..

Let say I bought Carliff new toys, books, baju..the next month I will see the same way of post came out..

Itu belum lagi tgok how she customize her blog…kalau bleh nak jer tiru sebijik2 watever pixies I put on my side bar..tensionnnn!!!!

Wat make things different is that..she express in her very own words and her own way kind of things..(Erghhh x kuasa nak explain).

U know, when u meet people, know and get close with them, u can tell wether she shares the same interest wif u or my BFF's and fren Sara..naturally, banyak benda sama yg kitaorang suka..even far apart….so benda tu u tak anggap as meniru sbb the way we are, how we carry ourselves.. make us stand for our own originality..but knowing this Dewy..i think she’s trying to be me..which is kadang-kadang nak tergelak sbb tak jadiii..beli baju ala-ala sama pon bila pakai ada ja yg tak kena..hahah..

I repeat myself again here that, I memang baik hati u know…I tak kisah sangat kalau U nak amik my idea skit sebanyak..(Who knows I might terr-copy others too kan? Even tak sengaja, tgok2 sama la pulak!!) but u can always develop the story and make it more interesting and tak..sampai cara amik gambar pon nak tiru..ini sudah leybihh..dan geliii..

Ntah, I dah malas, now I wish blogger had a setting that can block certain reader from visiting mine..(or do they have it? Tell me plissss!!) Im sick of this Dewy Tiru!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Catch Me IF u Can!!

My hubby n me keep on challenging each other..
Who can snap the best-this lil macho man raya pixxies..
(R n R : Staring at the camera wif smily on face) will get kisses and a nice dinner..weee...

None of us win..
(susah tol nak amik his pix lately laa..he's like everywhere..cannot stay still)
I manage to get an effort kiss..hihi!!

Below are my few attempt on 1st Syawal at Pak Tok n Nani place, Sungai Petani..

Monday, September 21, 2009

SatU SYawaL nan IndaH"

(Perghhh..tajuk tak hingat2 jiwang)..
Sangat malas nak bercerita panjang..
Cuti beraya was soo damn fun..!!!
Hopefully berkesempatan bertemu Ramadhan & Syawal di tahun depan..

Mood mengadap PC belom marii..
tersangat lazy nak buat entry..
so let the pixars tell u the story..
we had a blast this Aidil Fitri..

I got lots and tones to tell and share..
Thank u for those emails telling me that u care..


This was the very first time i make him wear Baju Melayu during raya..(Actually, he had a few..i do make him wear it every Friday-to school)..i dont know why..this time around..i emo semacam..bila pkai sampin bagai..bergenang jer u know..cepatnya masa brlalu..he's all grown up..ntah2 nanti dgar2 dah nak dapat menantu...huhu..OK..dah over2..drama-drama..!! Hihih..Mommy Lov Carliff! Gosh, look at uuu..Kamu sangat handsome!!! Mmmuuuaaahhhh!!

Friday, September 18, 2009


Hadis diriwayatkan Hazrat Anas (ra) bermaksud:

“Setelah Rasulullah (saw) tiba di Madinah, Baginda melihat penduduk-penduduk bandar itu merayakan dua hari dengan bertemasya. Baginda bertanya, sambutan apakah itu? Penduduk-penduduk tempatan menjawab bahawa mereka telah menyambut dua hari kebesaran itu sejak zaman Jahiliah lagi. Lantas Rasulullah bersabda: Allah telah memberikan kepada anda dua hari istimewa untuk menggantikan dua hari itu. Hari-hari itu adalah Aidiladha dan Aidilfitri.”

Firman Allah bermaksud:

"Takutilah Allah Subhanahu wa Taala yang kami memohon kepadaNya dan hubungkanlah silaturrahim.” – (Surah An-Nisa': 1)


Salam Syawal Daripada :


oBsesseD by MaRiah CareY

“Why are you so obsessed with me?”

So oh oh oh oh
So oh oh oh oh
So oh oh oh oh
So oh oh oh oh

Will the real MC please,
Step into the mike?

So oh oh oh oh
So oh oh oh oh
So oh oh oh oh
So oh oh oh oh

All up in the blogs
Saying we met at the bar
When I don’t even know who you are

Saying we up in your house
Saying I’m up in your car

But you in LA and I’m out at Jermaine’s

I’m up in the A
You so so lame
And no one here even mentions your name

It must be the weed, It must be the E
Cause you be popping hood
You get it popping, Oh

Why you so obsessed with me (Boy I wanna know)
Lying that you’re sexing me (when everybody knows)
It’s clear that you’re upset with me
Finally found a girl that you couldn’t impress
Last man on the earth still couldn’t hit this
You’re delusional, you’re delusional
Boy you’re losing your mind
It’s confusing yo, you’re confused you know
Why you wasting your time?

Got you all fired up with your Napoleon complex
Seeing right through you like
You’re bathing in Windex

Boy why you so obsessed with me?

Ooh Ohh Ohh boy why you so obsessed with me?

So oh oh oh oh
So oh oh oh oh

And all the ladies sing,

So oh oh oh oh
So oh oh oh oh

All the girls sing

Soo Oohhhh Soo Oohh


Soo Oohhhh Soo Oohh


Soo Oohhhh Soo Oohh


Soo Oohhhh Soo Oohh

You on your job
You hating hard
Ain’t gon’ feed you
I’m gonna let you starve
Gasping for air
I’m ventilation
You out of breath

Hope you ain’t waiting
Telling the world how much you miss me
But we never were
So why you trippin’

You a mom and pop
I’m a corporation
I’m the press conference
and you a conversation

Monday, September 7, 2009

WeH, CannoT weaR Lipstick LaH!

Article from: Berita Harian Isnin 24/08/09

Memakai gincu boleh batalkan puasa?

Soalan ini sering ditanya setiap kali Ramadhan. Sesetengahnya menganggap ia dibolehkan kerana gincu sekadar dicalit pada bibir dan tidak kurang juga yg mengatakan ia tidak dibenarkan kerana takut tertelan gincu khususnya apabila bibir kering, secara tidak sengaja kita cenderung melembabkan bibir dengan lidah.

Penceramah bebas, ustaz Zawawi Mohd Yusof, berkata..

Gincu boleh larut dalam air liur dan mungkin boleh menyebabkan puasa terbatal.Justeru beliau menasihatkan wanita mengelakkan memakai gincu ketika berpuasa kerana dikhuatiri boleh menyebabkan puasa terbatal.

"Kalau boleh tidak payah pakai gincu apabila berpuasa. Apatah lagi gincu itu mempunyai perisa atau bahan yang boleh menyebabkan puasa terbatal apabila ia larut dalam air liur dan kita menelannya.Begitu juga dengan pelembab bibir yg digunakan untuk mengatasi masalah bibir. Bibir kering memang biasa pada bulan puasa kerana tubuh kekurangan air. Ini juga adala hcabaran pada bulan suci ini" katanya.

Me ~ was bit confused when MrmieZ came and said that i cannot wear lipstick to office (as he saw me reapply it twice that day) sbb boleh batal puasa..seriously i memang tak tau-never heard bout it before! and...i tot he just want to tease me..(adik kecik (badan besar) bongsu sorang me memang hobi cari pasal kat opis)..Ye-lah, lipstick bukan bleh mengenyangkan pon...(memang lipstick ilang sbb kita terr makan ker?)

Tapi bila masuk class ngaji last Friday..blom sempat tanya..Sazah dah sound...remind us that we cannot wear lipstick troughout Ramadhan..sbb ada unsur (ain) yg terkandung dalam gincu yang boleh membatalkan puasa..(same hujah as above)..

So ladies, i know u adore coloured face like me..but No Lipstick ah! Ingat2...!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

NOBiTA wanna Be??

SIZUKA : Doraemonnnnnnnnnn...mana Nobita pegi? Dari tadi tak sampai2 lagi..

DORAEMON : Ntah, cuba tgok, mungkin dia tersangkut di dalam laciiiii !!

MommY : Tgok anak u..

DaddY : Abis DVD i..

MommY : We are raising a boy laa. Wat more to expect?

DaddY : Damage! Hahah!

MommY : Hahah! U both notti!
DaddY : U too sweetie..

MommY : (Ngeh ngeh :) )

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