Friday, August 7, 2009

To SSF with LOve

When : 19th July 2009 (Sunday)
Where : SSF Home Decomart, Anson Road, Penang

The White House

The two that i heart much!

The roses, tulips and more

The one writing this

The bling-ing morrocan style lanterns

The table setting

The sweety" and lolly" jars

The i wanna be in mommy's blog too

The stick on the ball dragonflies

The glittery red butterfly

The one that according to hubby "Super B!

The Red Goldilock

The Monster Ink

The fabulous goddess

The one that i bought home..GOjes!!

The Lovely duo

The D and C

The looks like Mommy

The transporter

The fav biscuit, mommy and me!!

1 comment:

bspotgurl said...

very cute!
I love SSF too

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