Wednesday, August 5, 2009

CinTa Kita & HandphoNe Nokia!

Ok...this NOKIA 3210 was the first really popular mobile, the phone that broke through and made phones an essential accessory. It was my very first handphone., the classic and greatest phones i've owned! Bought when im in my second semester,
yr 2000-Diploma Level @ Uitm Merbok, Kedah...
When i first met my using this far ni hp kesayangan i..other than tahan lama..i kept/had lots of memory wif this my mom scolded me cause im using my pocket money to bought this hp and not for my study..lagipon, slah i jugak cause i choose to bought first and asked later..Hehe..
(standard lah strategy tuh kan?)
I ngaku i was deadly notti! Sori eh mak! Kan dah janji tak buat lagiii..Hihi..

This NOKIA Butterfly (Sori dah tak hingat no haa 8250!) was my second one.. looks cool and agressive-a bit like the Chrysler Cruiser. The screen has a very cool blue backlight-Sangat stylo waktu tuh! Its actually belongs to my husband (My BF that time) ..but being me..harta benda dia i suka buat cam harta sendiri..Ngeh, ngeh! So its officially Mine after using it for some time..Phone ni pon i sayang jugak!

My third hp was NOKIA 6100..comes with a colour screen, great features and easy to use interface. This one i beli pakai duit sndiri..utterly perfect for me and yeah, the first color screen hp that i've got..but unfortunately this hp life span end wif tragedy..and u gotto to ask my hubby..cause he's the one whose responsible and make me cried like a baby!
(Sampai la ni i still merajok k..?)

Next one is NOKIA 7610..has an unique outlook design, for example the integration of black color, white color and red color and the round profile of the phones..the shape reminds of heart..and leaves. The camera quality is brilliant and I've gotten lots of decent spur of the moment photos. I paling SaYanG hp nih..sangat2 sayang....
It was a suprise gift from hubby the momment i said YES! when he proposed to married me! (Tuhan je yg tau perasaan i waktu nih! Tersangat hepi!!)

This is another one of those rare ones! It is stylish, thin, fancy, red, girlish and really me! I first saw this NOKIA N76 been used by Norish Karman in SPA Q-1 telemovie..terus admire and straight away gi beli! I was pregnant to Carliff when i bought this hp..
Unfortunately, the quality is lacking and the chrome peels off easily as well as the shiny plastic casing, is prone to scratches and dents. And hp nih jugak slalu menjadi mangsa buangan Carliff di sana sini... :(


Eventho i've been saving like hell for the still bersyukur dan cukup berpuas hati when my hubby finally surrender his new phone for me..Its NOKIA E71..and im glad that i married to Incik AMRI yg amat sayang akan istri...Hihihi..

I've been a good gurl, wife and mommy..
I know!


Drama Mama said...

BESTNYA!!!i've been a good girl wife mum too tapi tak dapat pong! sob sob

~ShaFeRLicioUS~ said...

nanti u dapat lagi BEST dari i nih..dont wori..

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