Tuesday, July 14, 2009

TRipLe JOY!!

27 June 2009, Saturday

Chili's Grill and Bar
@ G Hotel, Gurney, Penang
via Gurney Plaza

Mother's Day, Father's Day and
our 4th Anniversary Celebrations

Di, C and Mi

"Mirip siapakah Carliff iniiii??
Wajah lembut bagaikan sutera....."

(Wajib nyanyi when u read this caption!
and answer it sincerely..)

"That look was super dangerous Ok gurls?"

"Ok i know..i had a very sparkling teeth that Colgate can
endorse me anytime they want..errr..
that's wat u guys are takling about kan?"

Chillin @ Chilis

"I know i lov u before i met u.." (LOL)

"Come on.."

All together

Carliff luv luv luv his ~ Little Chicken
(ehem..bcoz its FRee maa)

Me having my fav of all ~ Southwestern Lamb Steak

Classic Fajitas Combo Meal

Combination grilled chicken and marinated beef steak
and it came with warm tortilla

The dressing for the fajitas consisted of guacamole (avocado based dip), pico de gallo (condiments of chopped tomato, onion and chili), cheese as well as sour cream.


Drama Mama said...

lamanya tak makan chilis...u make me drool!!!

~ShaFeRLicioUS~ said...

hai Bai..
Why dont u go and have a blast there..ajak Incik Amin skrg!!

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