Sunday, July 12, 2009

"The Cute BOY is MINe!!"

My cute little boy is the one wearing black,
You were always into this and always into that!
Clinging to me while you sucked your binky tight,
Happy as can be all day, but so scared of the night.

I rocked you to sleep and sang you lullabies,
Singing every so softly until you closed your eyes.
Your undeniable innocence so precious and so sweet,
Loving every inch of you from your head down to your feet.

Daddy read you stories from your favorite picture book,
You eyes were as big as saucers and every page you'd look.
Fought with us for hours, didn't want to go to sleep,
In the middle of the night into our bed you'd creep.

Playing with your truckies, all muddy in the dirt,
Running to me crying if you got a little hurt.
cuddled you and loved you every minute of the day,
Lying on the floor together, and for hours we would play.

Mostly romping and playing all the livelong day,
I thank God for you every time when I pray.
Took you every where I went and on my hip you sat,
Cute little boy of mine is the one wearing black.

Edited From : Shari Zippay

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