Thursday, June 11, 2009

SOmthinG BLacK..JusT Like HeR..

Instead of GLAM Mag, this month i beli majalah INTREND jugak..(Attracted to Rozita Che Wan Channel Dress and her fake eyelashes story)..Other than that, banyak jugak article menarik/best yg i baca-Profil Pereka-super stylish Amir Luqman..and his designs he make for Dato CT, (lov his touch for Aishah ABPBH 2008), an article about Simpan Kekasih Gelap which make me and BFF ketawa & senyum meleret2..hahaha.. and some fashion updates..
BUT..but..i paling suka page 95 where i found my fav local fashion icon-Miss FAzz in her Black Bikers Jacket yg sangat sytlo-nya..(Actually, i think both Elyana and FAzz carried it well with the leggings and all but Fazz do it more with her Gladiator shoes...) keep up with the trend (konon), can i get somthing black like her too?? Hmm?

She proved me that even though u had a round face,
u can still look hot, sweet and chicky.
(So Mr doesnt matter now..)

Where hot rock chick rules..

And now, from my online search..these are the findings..

FOREVER 21 FAux Leather BombeR

Also From F21

How i wish this GUESS? Biker comes in black..

Linsay LOhan with her black cover..
Sooo yeah..why not kan??

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