Sunday, June 28, 2009

PRettY HappY FeeT!!

Daddy bought me new shoes last Saturday..

it's blue in karer..
( Thank you Daddy, Love u Daddy!)

Its from NIKE

So i Pose!

and Pose!

and POse! like how mommy asked me to be!

Daddy said,
"Son, stop CIWI-ing...or else u'll become exactly like ur

mommy everytime i bought her new things,"

But being mommy and me..we just love shoes..

and then she replied,

"Nevermind son, take ur time..,"

and i really take my time...keeping up wif my new ones..

My name is Carliff and i'm so glad i had a

new, pretty, happy feet!

(Psst / To Acu : Jangan Jealous Ok??)


ZOORA said...

lo.. gambo untul kasut nike tak leh pose sajer my dear!!! kena berlari beb!!! come on.. daddy beli ni suruh berlari lebih laju ni!!!

~ShaFeRLicioUS~ said...

dah jauh si kecik nih berlari..
sampai tak terkejo nak amik gambo..

ZOORA said...

hahahaha amik video!!1

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