Sunday, May 3, 2009

WheRe We staRt to SHOP..and shOP and SHoP..& Have LUNcH

Here come the best part..when we headed to Jalan Riau-which along this road there are row of Factory Outlets that full of rejected branded stuff from head to cheaper price!
We spend most of the time/money at the Branded Club, Heritage and The SUmmit and just eyeing things at Terminal Tas, Bags and Shoes & hubby get somthing extra for himself at Formen
(that obviously dedicated to man only).

This Branded Club-just by looking at the sign board, had lots of Burberry and some other well known and expensive brand in it! Kena pandai2 pilih or u will end up buying fake once.

Terminal Tas

Another Bags and shoes hot spot

The Heritage : Pix taken from

Our next destination was TOko Tiga..
This is a place where u can get all the jeans
(come wat brand) at unexpected price..
I just get levi's tee for my SIL..thats all...
and we spend most of the time lepak-king, chit-chatting, photo-taking and story telling while waiting for others do their spending..haha..

Photo kredit to:

The two Chew-buddies

Deadly bosannnnnn

Inside views of Toko Tiga

Syamin and Haji Wann

It was then, i realized that its been sooo long we both not taking pictures together..kan??

Husband haku handsomenyaaaa, Ya Allahhh!!
(Trust me, i bukan nak poyo..but hubby forced me to give him such compliment
or else isok i takleh tumpang gi keja!-kejam kan??)

Handsome-lah jugak kan?? Hahaha

Next, we stop at Restoran Simpang Raya(Masakan Padang) for lunch

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