Tuesday, May 5, 2009

To PaSaR BaRU, RumaH MODe & D'Cost DiNNER

Pasar Baru Bandung-pix taken from Flickr

After lunch..we've been told that our next destination would be Pasar Baru (wahhh..suka!!). This is the seven storey trade centre where u can find everything that u ever want and need (attention ladies,) at a bargain price!

Im soo sorry that i dont had a chance to snap any picture while doing shopping there because its Saturday and there are lots of people (nak lintas jalan pon bergadai nyawa-traffic jam one thing and the transporters dont even dare care wether u r about to cross the road or not-like no chance in hell im going to stop and give u my way attitudes!) and Pak Ali warns us to take care of our belongings as foreigners are always the main target for snatch thief..so i think none of us had an opportunity to get any picture from Pasar Baru..as safety always a priority.

We spend time almost 5 hours at Pasar Baru and i only had a chance to reached till the forth level (-three more to go) when clock ticks to 6.30pm and we had to go (eventho most of us ladies still had unfinish business to do..huhu) and catch our next pit-stop at Rumah Mode and house of shoes at Donatello.

According to Pak Ali, this place belongs to

Indonesian songbird-Kris Dayanti..Is it true? Anyone?

When i look at this pixar again n again,
i started to feel scary lar..
Dont ask me why..wat..or..wat??
Just somthing beyond my imagination..

If i had a chance to come again,
this is a place not to be miss!

The front door

Below pixs are some nite view at Rumah Mode

Because i spend lot of times at Rumah Mode, i tak sempat pon nak ke Donatello..lagipon i memang dah tired sangat..dah tak kuasa lagi dah nak shopping..kaki pon dah sakit soooo...Enuf for today!

Next, its time for a good dinner..
At last it was somthing else-other than Nasi Padang! Phew!
Makan seafood!! Tak hingat2 suma orang tambah nasik!
Like we miss it for a week!

Mutu 5 bintang, Harga Kaki 5

Soon after that, we headed back to Hotel, and i remember having a nice hot shower and straight away jump on bed and zzzzzzz tak sedar diri!!..Come right after this is a lagendary story of forbidden love at
GUnong Tangkuban Perahu..

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