Saturday, May 2, 2009

EaRLy MoRninG we TraveL..

Late that nite we land ourselves in Jakarta, lepas custom/foreign check, kami terus ke lobby Airport..that time, our tourist guide-Pak Ali and the tour bus driver Pak Rojak (jgan ketawa dulu namanya disebut- Pak Rojab ya dong!) dah sedia menunggu untuk meneruskan perjalanan seterusnya ke Bandung.

The journey there takes about 3 hours..I can still remember we exactly reach Bandung around 3.30am..(itupon lepas berhenti kejap kat RnR-for makan2-)

Oh, in case u wonder wat i ate, actually, i tak makan sangat la..may be because not used to the foods (masakan padang orang minang) and i very la ngantuk..Dah tu plak, dah brapa lama i tak naik bas..sakit blakang yg amat2..erghhh..sunggoh letih..(but at last, its alllll...worth it tau!)

We then chek in to this Sukajadi Hotel, Bandung at around 3.40am..and before i buat semak kat bilik nih, here are some of the pixxies yg i sempat snaps to shared wif uols..i really likes this room, very cozy and the ID concept wif Balinese touch was very me and me and me..So whenever u fly to Bandung, i highly recommend this place for u to stay..Best sangat..(wait untill u see their exterior design in my next post).

Sukajadi Hotel, Bandung
Nite Outside View

Nite Inside View
For more info bout this hotel,
just Google it and u can view lots of pretty
pictures too..(like the above two)

The moment i open the door, i just cant wait to sleep..

I can feel myself at my dream home

TV's-entertainment frame that my man gotto have

ON the coffee table..
ME: -Err..when they scan my bag..did they..u know,
err..goin to notice or..detect..if i just...
hi-jack this tissue box?
(Gulp!..Apa i cakap nih?)

HUBBY: Dosa mencuri..

ME: Kidding lah! Takkan lah i nak amik betol2... :(
(Tapii...suka...tapi...oh stop it!!)

In the shower room

Cant wait to wake up and get wet..

Wat a unique decoration tool..coba buat ini di rumah..maunya mak bising guna lesong taroh sabon dan obat gigi..hihi

HUbby cant wait to change and get to bed..

As we only have less than 5 hours to get rest before going down for a breakfast,
i wait no longer but to zzzzzzzz....

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suret said...

ko ni aiza...satu2 ko hupdet...copek ler skit..saja jer tak tanya storey the morey pi sana ari tu on direct bila jumpa kat nursery..sue lah ni

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